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View Thread: Message from Brchi
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Message from Brchi
It was a hard decision but I have to say goodbye to the Vietcong community.
Doing this is not easy so I want to make it short..
I don't know if I will ever come back.
It's now the time for me to leave everything behind and start a new life.

Creating the Vietcong Community Hub would've had complications from a legal aspect.
However that's not the major reason for putting the project on hold.

I will not continue hosting Vietcong related stuff.
Please save these files as soon as possible:

To make your gamespy master emulator work, you have to consider the following:
In enctype2_encoder(), remove the two " + 6" and the second memset().
Append "\final\" to the raw IP:port bytes before encoding & sending it.
Reserve 1+8 more bytes in the data array passed to enctype2_encoder() but pass the original array size (before resizing).

Please don't expect any answer from me.
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Download source  Code
if (Brchi != ACTIVE)
    SC_message (" Brchi, thnx for your time and job in VC team :( ") ;

    global_active_vc_players -- ;

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omg , brchi , sad to see you go Sad
This is exactly the situation I was afraid of and why I wanted more master servers than one.
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This is sad news indeed, your contributions to the vc community were immense and greatly appreciated. Best of luck in the future Brchi.
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Thank you for how much you have done for us all.
We will miss you, but I wish you a radiant life, remember us with sympathy.Slàinte
SignatureLearn to obey before you command
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Brchi, thank you for TheArchiFamily
Thank you for allowing me to enjoy so many years of my teenagehood playing the black pajama homi servers,

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to keep Vietcong alive.

I will always remember the pajama family, have a great life and I wish you all the best for whatever path you choose.

Best regards,

Tom Davies,
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cool down Ladys, he's not dead
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Hello Brchi,
It is all stupid. Next one going out.
Mates from VET, SGC, or any AGU TRX GKA SOLOPYSK......
Many from them are still here, maybe not playing Vietcong, but we are still friends.
I think, You never leave us.Grin
Edited by GONZO on 21-09-2017 20:00
Thanks for all you have done for VC community Brchi, we will miss you Sad
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Благодарю за все сделанное Вами для Вьетконга!!!VCSlàinte
Edited by evgen on 23-09-2017 23:21
SignatureПока у Русского солдата есть спички, пули, самогон - сосите х.. солдаты НАТО, дрожи от страха Пентагон!!!
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Hello Brchi,

Brchi wrote:
It was a hard decision but I have to say goodbye to the Vietcong community.
Doing this is not easy so I want to make it short...

That's very bad for the game and "us"... Frown
I really wasn't expecting such news even more because, till recently, you seemed still very involved in the Vietcong's community... And suddenly you decided to leave...

You were (are) certainly one of the most valuable persons (amongst many others) who kept this game very alive in our heart. So a big THANK YOU for all what you have done during all those years! APPLAUSE

Anyway, have fun in your new "adventures"... YES!

Brchi wrote:
I don't know if I will ever come back.
It's now the time for me to leave everything behind and start a new life.

I hope you will still have the wish to come, to keep an eye on what's going on here!
And because you're still not sure if you will ever come back, I prefer to say...

See you later! Wink

Edited by Intruder on 25-09-2017 08:40
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That sounds like the end of the Vietnam war...
Good luck Brchi and thanks for all.
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lol . yes . end of the vietnam war XD
hey guys,

We all just can hope that Brchi will find his Way of life, that will make him as lucky as it is neceessary to feel longtime hapiness!!

I will tell you that the honorable (I used that word because it has to explain all the good things Brchi did for the game and "us"Wink Brchi wont totally finish with that game and community.

I also studied the Life of Eastern World...

And its about BALANCE!!!!

no extrem, no zero or one, no good or bad,...

Middle Way Balance!!!

If Brchi has found that Balance, he will stop quitting and he will be back! all others would be unnatural. If he finds his way, he will find the way back to VC!

Its part of the universal laws!

PS: I didnt speak with Brchi about these thoughts. But these thoughts are full of hope and love for a happy Brchi and a working community online game.

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you dont really have to abandon your life to play vietcong . how quitting vietcong mean starting new life ?
it was a totally positive meant message, we dont have to discuss what a "new life" means!

but for u: i mean with new life - new thinking about everything and to find out the real important things! and that needs time and hard work and concentration!

and if u have found a lot, u have time again for some nice arrangements like VC.

after finding yourself your focus will change again - cause u also have to find a way to survive in our modern civilization. u cant just live in asceticism. You have to connect with people . yeah and why not VC community - if u feel u can help stay that community alive Smile

we wont master our life, if we r not able to do something for our community.

he will come back Smile
Thank you for all you've done for the VC community, Brchi. I thank you especially for VCStarter, as without it many of us wouldn't be able to play VC without large difficulties.

Farewell, mate.
Signature"Not bad, some pretty good stuff you've got there..."
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Thanks Brchi for everything !
Vietcong Community is dead but... We'll try with VinzZ' to join old vc teams to play again a little.
Thanks again.
Hi all

I just got around to reinstalling VC and managed to convince a few of my old VC buddies in AU to do the same.

Just wanted to pass on a belated farewell to Brchi!

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making VC available to the masses. Your tools have significantly extended the shelf life of this game - it's now 16 years since the original release, and remarkably it's still very much playable!

Hat's off to you, Brchi.

Catchya round!

If anyone wants to contact me, I'm reachable on:

Discord: AppleSinclair #5725
Steam: AppleSinclair

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