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View Thread: Vietcong 2 Revive 1.00 Patch
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Vietcong 2 Revive 1.00 Patch
Vietcong 2 Revive 1.00

This patch made exclusive and 100% compatible with version 1.00 of VC2 that converts the old master server Gamespy to Openspy as the new server that supports multiplayer mode. this patch offers no advantage over other players but improves the gaming experience and tries to call new and above all old players back to the game

- This patch includes improvements in game performance that prevent crashing.
- Solve compatibility problems with some maps where it was not possible to play with version 1.00.
- New commands for admins.
- CD-key problems fixed.
- New anticheat system & antihack (don't use Hradba).
- M16, XM177, XM148 Fixed.
- Admin command to disable explosive weapons, smoke grenades. Radio (no more airstrikes because of hackers and lag)
- srv.cpufriendly fixed (activating this box will reduce CPU usage but will reduce server performance).
- Added direct access to the "Mates Arena" server.
- etc etc...

I have named only some of the main features of this patch but you will find many more new things that will surprise you. I must clarify most of the things that this patch brings have not been made by me and others are by me. so the credits are for the whole community of VC2 that helped to improve and create things for the game
This patch has been tested and it works perfectly.

Windows 10 Server List FIXED !!!

WARNING : before installing the patch, make sure you delete the file dinput8.dll and some mods and that the patch requires a clean game to avoid file conflicts and a perfect functioning of the patch

INSTALLATION : put inside your VC2 folder game.dll, logs.dll, Revive 1.00.cbf, vc2ded.exe, vietcong2.exe, Mates Arena Server.exe

compiled by *Hades/Allstar|[FM]



Only for servers : this configuration file will be necessary if you want to get the most out of the patch when creating a server

I have added the file srv_settings.ini to have more control of the server with the anticheat and the new commands for the administration

install inside the vietcong2 folder and if the game does not start you, follow the next steps. go to the control panel of Windows / System / advanced system configuration / advanced options and in Performance go to the option of configuration, then prevention of data execution. there they should add Vietcong2.exe and vc2ded.exe.
Edited by Hades on 08-09-2019 12:37
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Where are the Servers? Where are the Players?
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Me and 10 other people who were the testers are playing with this patch and we can see the servers and play every night until very late. the fact that you do not see the servers does not mean that the patch is wrong and this will not solve the isolated problems that some Windows 10 players have. the patch is fine what you should check is your Win10 that is trallendo problems to see the list of servers. Could be your router or your firewal etc etc
My friend who uses Win10 a few months ago could see the list of servers and for a foreign problem that I do not know, he formatted his PC and reinstalled Win10 but now he can not see the list of servers. that indicates that Win10 has something and I can not give a solution because I do not have win10 and I can not experiment with that operating system.
Here is the list of Openspy servers for Vietcong 2 and this means that these same servers I can see them being in the game too http://www.bobzen...=vietcong2
Edited by Hades on 24-11-2017 21:12
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good news for the VC2 community Smile

the patch Revive 1.00 has solved a friend the problem with windows 10 and the list of servers. now Windows 10 users should be able to see the list of servers
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Good to see that someone is still making patches for old games. I have never tried VC2, but I would like to try it...someday
SignatureAnyone who run, is a VC. Anyone who stand still, is a well disciplined VC.
-Door Gunner´╗┐
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Interesting & nice to see that somebody is still interested in VC2. VC
gog should sell fucking vc2 . it will sell more than cod .
I'm glad to see that the server Mates Arena 24/7 are returning some players after the publication of Revive 1.00 Patch and I hope to continue seeing more people appear
Edited by Hades on 18-12-2017 22:12
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Hi every one.
I have 2 PCs running Windows 10. I installed the Vietcong 2 Forever edition and applied the Revive patch.

I hosted my dedicated server. When I turn it on and run it, I see it here:

However, I don't see it in my game on my other PC.
But I do see other servers (like Mates Arena).

I tried to switch PCs to make another PC a server, and another a client, and I still see it on Bobzent page, but I don't see it in the game.
I also don't see LAN servers - when I host a server on one PC, I don't see it under LAN games on another and vice versa.
Same happens when I connect over my smartphone tethering network.

I don't think it's a router issue.
I tried disabling Firewall on Windows.
I even saw some random guy connected to my dedicated server and he left (it was shown in logs).

Can anyone help me with this?
Edited by vietcong2tunngle on 22-04-2018 23:26
Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and to the VC2 multiplayer but I've already played enough to love it Grin

First and foremost, many thanks for the Revive patch! I can finally join LAN servers without CD-key problems and the game has a full widescreen support as wellYES!

I hope you could help me with a couple of questions. The Revive patch requires VC2 version 1.0. Does it mean the game misses some fixes from the official 1.10 patch and from the Fist Bravo addon? Are there plans to develop the Revive patch for these versions as well?
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