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View Thread: Future of VC Serverlist/Host
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U would like to have two different serverlists?
No. Bring Ondra and Plissken together! No. Bring Ondra and Plissken together! 100%[5 Votes]
Yes. I love a splitted community! Yes. I love a splitted community! 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 5
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Future of VC Serverlist/Host
VCG john
Hey to all Vietcong Friends!

Actually qtracker is still working, BUT what will be after qtracker?

Well, actually we have 2 alternative master servers: One from Ondra and one from Plissken. The problem is: They don't support each other, means: The serverlists are/would be different!

The Server Admins will have to choose between Ondra's and Plissken's host. Same for the players: They will see just the servers which support the host they choosed.

What is the solution: We want synchronized master servers. Means: two hosts - all have all servers (back-up each other).

Please help to bring Ondra and Plissken to work together! All for Vietcong!

Greetings #VCG_freddy

@Homi: sorry for the trashtalk and rumour-making from the #VCG-members. We hate nobody in the vietcong community! To show our respect we invite all [AT]Members to join the Vietcong Guild on Discord: https://discord.g...
Mail: vietcongguys@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/vcgfreddy
VCG_Page: fb.com/vcg31
Vietcong Guild: https://discord.gg/5uB8zk9
Vietcong Messenger: https://vietcongmessenger.mn.co
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Confused Master
is it true that it is NOT possible to have both entries in the hosts-file?
Confused Master wrote:
is it true that it is NOT possible to have both entries in the hosts-file?

It should be possible to have both entries, BUT I believe that only one entry will be used. My understanding is following (I may be wrong, of course):

Vietcong has hard-coded master server name master.gamespy.com and when the game wants to get server list, it will ask master.gamespy.com. On the background, the OS (Windows for example) will translate master.gamespy.com into IP address and will connect to that IP address. If you have entry for master.gamespy.com in hosts file, OS will connect game with entry from hosts file (for example Qtracker) instead of original master.gamespy.com IP address. The point is that this interface allows translate master.gamespy.com into only ONE IP address, and it is up to OS which one it will use (maybe first entry, maybe the last one?). Game wants to connect with certain master.gamespy.com server (and OS will connect him with other server, like qtracker, on the background), I can not imagine how it could work for multiple servers in this way...
Edited by sonic on 15-09-2018 13:54
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