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View Thread: How do you download maps from https://vietcong.7x.cz/
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How do you download maps from https://vietcong.7x.cz/
Hello does anyone know how to download maps from Gonzos website https://vietcong.7x.cz/

I signed into Google, but then it says I need permission. A request menu pops up and I asked Gonzo, more liked Begged him for permission hehe and no reply.

For each link and map will I have to request permission to download each one?


Also this other Vietcong Website looks like it has a Whole Bunch of maps to MAYBE download?, but no Download button, maybe you have to register first, I tried that but looks like the registration process is broken or down? (AM I CORRECT THAT YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO DOWNLOAD THESE MAPS AT WEBSITE LINK BELOW?) WOW IT APPEARS MAYBE 3141 MAPS TO DOWNLOAD, DOES THE WEBSITE BELOW ACTUAL LET YOU DOWNLOAD THEM?


What are some of other Websites to download maps from, I have stumbled on these below. Would be nice to download a bunch in Map Packs like Gonzo provides but apparently, he does not allow just anyone to download them.




Some "mappers" don't think about players all over the world.

All maps should be unlocked for download.

I think Gonzo made a big mistake uploading to "Google" instead of
Vietcong coop.
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Thank You WEZ for the reply. Do you have permission to download from Gonzos website?

Is Gonzo know for accepting most request to download his map files or the other way around?

ALSO this other webiste looks to have 3141 Vietcong MAPS that show some sort of status on, I can find no download button, I am assuming if I register with the site then I can download them? IS THAT THE CORRECT ASSUMPTION? If so unfortunately it appears the register process is broken. HAS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE MAPS FROM WEBSITE BELOW?


Thank You for any info!

Londog007 wrote:
Is Gonzo know for accepting most request to download his map files or the other way around?

To my knowledge, GONZO has (temporarily?) left the Vietcong scene for "personal reasons"... I don't think you should count on his site to download his maps for the moment. Maybe the best option is to make a direct Google search with the exact map's name you are searching for (another site may host it) or, to try to directly download the map(s) from a Vietcong server which has the "autodownload" option "on"...


This site isn't hosting maps... It just shows the maps recorded at least once on the servers.

I can download maps from this site.


Same here, just click on the "download link" for the map you selected.


No problem to download maps from this site on my side either...


Also working!

Good luck and welcome!

Thank You Intruder!

Did I happen to miss any other vietcong map download websites that you know about, or did I list them all?

There maybe more map downloads on the moddb website, by having to search other pages from other members.

Thank You for any more Info!

Long Live Vietcong!
Londog007 wrote:
Did I happen to miss any other vietcong map download websites that you know about, or did I list them all?

You also have the maps from the TEAMPLAY Community (TP / TR maps)... VC

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