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View Thread: COOP Player limits on Dedicated Server
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COOP Player limits on Dedicated Server
Hi guys, I have recently got a dedicated VC1 Server up and running for real team coop games "Logans VC Team Coop Server".

I have only selected COOP maps and having issues with some that crash when too many players join. So I have up to 10/10 can join COOP map but I understand that there is a 64 player limit on the server so when we have a lot of VC bots, like 57 then when players join and it goes over 64 people in total inc bots it crashes.

Anyone got any tips on this, can anything be done to increase total server players or other tips on how to handle maps like this with 10 players?

Many thanks,
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As long as those buggy maps aren't fixed with newer versions, I'm afraid you can't really do something about such a problem... Many buggy maps exist and many will crash a server.
My "best" advise would be to simply delete them from your server's list and maps folder to avoid any further troubles...

And never play DamNhaPhu or JPV-TetOffensive 200 gook mode? NO!
Guess human possibilities have dropped in time.Angry
What if you(as admin) add map, restart server after getting to the chopper and kick the map of again(DamNhaPhu example)?Grin
A server owned by an active admin brings possibilities...
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Thanks Intruder, I understand some maps can be buggy but are we saying that this is not a game limit of 64 slots max. So maps can have more than 64 slots (VC + Players) in COOP, it's just some maps can't handle more than 64 slots (buggy)?

Just trying to determine if this is a buggy map problem, or a game server limit for COOP.

The maximum of 64 "players" (only human players or human players + bots) is a game engine limit... Above that number, the game/server will crash "the normal way".
I don't know what's wrong with those maps and I never got such a problem with mines so I can only "guess", but here is my own and personal "theory":

-When we set a mode for a map, we also need to set the "maximum of players" for that mode also. For example, >30 for 30 players in an ATG mode (15 players each side). And it's the same principle for a Coop mode, >10 for a 10 players map... However, it seems that for "some", a confusion exist and they set their Coop mode with a 64 players "max" for a 10 players slots only (I guess it's because we often read that for the Coop mode, the maximum of players is "64" for "both", bots +players). So, if the map has 54 bots for 10 players, the map should work as long as the 11th player won't join, otherwise the game/server will crash by detecting 65 "players"...

-When we set a dedicated server, we often set the maximum of players to 64 because usually, many different maps are hosted in different modes and with a different "maximum of players". Then, normally, it's the settings of the map that will "bypass" that "general settings" for its own "characteristics" (for example, 6 players "max" for a medium size map in a Coop mode). But, if a Coop map has been set with a "maximum of players" to... 64, then, in theory, we allow more than 10 players to access a server and the map/server should crash!

-By saying that, if you only host Coop maps, I suggest you to set your server for "10 players max" and see what will happen... But in that case, a Coop map set for 12 players will be limited to 10 players only (if i'm not wrong).

- Some maps have many more bots than "usual" but this is a "script trick" that will "revive" a dead bot to (re-)create a "new one". But in reality, the number of 64 "players" still shouldn't be exceeded... It's a little bit like fighting in a CTF mode; with the respawns, we can have hundreds of kills, like if the server could host hundreds of players.
- I think it's the reason why we sometimes see (in the servers list) a map in the Coop mode with 0/64 slots available.
- I advise you to delete my FA_Moorland_beta_1 from your server (keep the beta_2 that has been updated) and add all my VC_ versions/updates also! Wink

I hope "you got what I mean" and I hope to be "in the right direction" but if some have more infos or corrections to add, please don't hesitate to propose them for the good of all... Wink

Hey Intruder,

Thank you for the reply and I got what you mean. Yes i run only COOP maps on my dedicated server and have had it set to 'Players = 10' so max of 10 players. I will leave it like this for now and as you suggested remove the maps that crash. It's quite rare we have more than 10 COOP players at once online, although it seems to be growing recently lol so will leave at 10 for now.

I noticed your 'BrownWater_beta_1' map has:
- US players: 8
- VC bots: 55
So I assume this would crash if we tried playing with 10 COOP players, taking the max to 65. But haven't tested this, just a theory.

I will remove your 'FA_Moorland_beta_1' map and keep 'beta_2'. I love your maps by the way, really immersive Smile

If you want to test out a specific COOP map then happy to beta test on my server, we get a regular near 10 COOP players on weekends now so happy to test and feedback.

Thanks for your help,
Edited by logan on 20-08-2022 14:49

logan wrote:
I noticed your 'BrownWater_beta_1' map has:
- US players: 8
- VC bots: 55
So I assume this would crash if we tried playing with 10 COOP players, taking the max to 65. But haven't tested this, just a theory.

Normally, you can't set the map for 10 players because I've already set the maximum to 8 players only "inside the map" (don't forget that the slots set for the map should bypass the ones from the server, if set correctly!).
Also, note that I could go till 56 vc bots with 8 players to reach the limit of 64 players... However, sometimes, a player can be recorded twice on the server because of a bad conncection (or whatever the reason) and so, I usually keep one more "chance" to the server to avoid the crash by deleting 1 vc bot (better to be careful)...

...I love your maps by the way, really immersive Smile

Nice, because it's my main objective! Smile

If you want to test out a specific COOP map then happy to beta test on my server, we get a regular near 10 COOP players on weekends now so happy to test and feedback.

Thank you for your offer but I already have my own beta testers. Moreover, I need to be present for those tests to be really effecitve... But who knows, if I need more players, I could contact you in the future... Wink

Thanks for your help,

You're welcome!

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