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View Thread: Vietcong's Anniversary
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Vietcong's Anniversary

its the dimensions of the picture that comes behind profile picture on "title" picture ... if u like.. u can use it...but only if u want.. if u do no like it doesent matter.... (u know what i mean) Smile
Edited by Vlatka on 01-11-2012 19:27
Signature*nGG.| Vlatka
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Troll wrote:
Also i have fears for Australia, i hope you can drum up support over there Apple.

I think I can get 50+ for AUS, I am still in regular contact with many ex-players.

Also I am finished with my Uni studies for the year, so I have more free time. I will be contributing a lot more time and effort into getting this off the ground now.
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TC-Roland Deschain
it's great to see I am not the only one who thinks this game still holds its own, with the modern photo-real games.

Whilst my "clan" (hate that word in this context) tried other games, of which Arma was the next best imo, NO OTHER GAME ever had the claustrophobia and "Shit-your-pants" feel, when you got zapped by a Baizkal from behind a bush, for example.

It's great to see such effort in organising an anniversary for this great game, I hope I can be a part of it.

Reading the first post of this thread, there is reference to the "History" of the game. It is this which I wish to contribute.

Have a look on YouTube for "TeamCoop01",02, &03. I will stress that one of them was made by Spookey, who although was a TC member, was never bound solely to our group.
I hope you enjoy them, as we were always open to any player who was wanting to play as a team, and those days will always be special to me, as we became good friends, and I still keep in touch with a few of the old TC guys.

I am hoping for an upgrade to my works laptop, so I can partake in some games on my travels around the world.

Long live VC1 !!!!!!
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We need new videos!

I'm making a request because I really can't do it myself, unfortunately... Frown

I recently made a "Vietcong review" about what was available on YouTube and I must admit that I'm rather disappointed. Most of the videos don't really put Vietcong in value (low resolutions, useless comments, strange sounds..., just to name some). Sad
Because one of the idea is to bring some new players, the first thing they will probably do is to go on YouTube to see how the game we are talking about is looking... But if we don't "direct" them to the best quality, they probably won't even dare to install the game by seeing the videos actually on the net...

That's why I'm asking volunteers to record the game to the "highest level" (with antialiasing and aniso...) IF their powerful pc allows it! Wink
Movie makers should be "old members" because they probably better know how to play Vietcong in a immersive way... I propose them to replay the whole campaigns (VC + FA) like if it was the "reality" (without personal comments) and by using the walk/run commands accordingly (I mean not running everywhere like a chicken without head, lol)... And because "old players" know where are the game's weaknesses, we can avoid to show them very easily.
Others could also play and record Coop missions (with voicechat only?) on the BEST custom maps available.

I insist on the quality we have to provide because we have "to fight with" modern games using all the latest technology. New players who may try Vietcong will probably compare the game to those they are used to play!
Once those movies will be available on the net, we can start to "promote" Vietcong by providing those links, leading to the "right places", in the hope they will convince people to give this game a try...

If my pc was powerful enough, I would have done those movies myself but it's not possible...

I recently replayed some solo missions from the Campaign and...geez...I had a smile on the face, again! This game is "magic", lol. YES!

Edited by Intruder on 23-11-2012 12:22
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Do you know about some free application like FRAPS which can be used?

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Not really, just FRAPS; but I know that Xfire can record a game too.

Try Bandicam i find it to be the best.
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I have started making a 'database' of AU players/ex-players email addresses. Each address is stored in a text file and separated with a comma and a space.

This project is going ahead!

108 days to go. Let's get busy.
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VCG john
Release date(s)
NA March 26, 2003
PAL April 17, 2003

I seen that maybe the countdown is wrong! In 98 Days is the 17. 03. 2013.

would be stupid, party one month too early. Just wanted to say that, no smart aleck reasons Wink

Cant wait 10th Birthday Wink
Vietcong Guild:
Vietcong Messenger:
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I asked Bob about that birthday date and he think 18 march is it.
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Apparently, Vietcong was released in March 2003 in North America; Vietcong was released in April in Europe.

March 26, 2003

Take-Two Interactive's Gathering division has today shipped Vietcong to stores across North America. The first-person shooter, which has been developed by Illusion Softworks in association with development team Pterodon, sees players assuming the role of an elite US soldier during the Vietnam War.

For more information on Vietcong, which is scheduled for release in Europe on April 11.
VCG john
Hello Community,
i think we need a clearity about that.
Its possible to ask pterodon, take2, gathering or somebody?
Vietcong Guild:
Vietcong Messenger:
Silent Bob
As VC was released on different days in different countries Pterodon decided the official birthday is the day it went gold. When a game reaches gold status its ready for the international release. Thats why march 18th is the "birthday" of VC and we used to celebrate this on the GOD and Pterodon forums...
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All those who are working on "stuff" for the anniversary should maybe try to end their work for the end of this month... Then, we could start to promote the anniversary "publicly", during February, by posting in gaming forums, facebook, youtube,...
I wonder if we shouldn't have a "special section" in the forum where we will put all the useful informations old and new players will need to have an "easy access" to the game...

I also think that we really need to set a "best VC maps" list... If we let the "new players" download and install the maps by themselves, we will "lost them" directly if they try the "wrong maps". Some of them have a huge number of downloads but only because they are old and of the first "generation", not because they are the nicest.
I remember that to attract new players, we have to offer THE BEST of Vietcong because most of them are certainly playing modern games yet!

For me, the "day" is less important than the "event", but we should maybe try to find A date where we could ALL try to be present on the servers, everywhere in the world! It could be a Friday or a Saturday just before or after the 18th March (it's a Monday)...

Personnaly, I'll try to release a new Custom map for the 10th anniversary of Vietcong, and maybe "more" if I have the time! Smile

I wrote THM Map Reviews, which includes a description (and screenshots) of all 156 Vietcong maps made by THM. The format I used might give someone an idea of how to promote Vietcong maps. Each map is presented in a 1-page article, along with screenshots. THM Map Reviews is available right here on Vietcong Info, in Downloads Section J.

I will try to do write-ups of some of the best Vietcong maps out there. Certainly Stream would be on that list. Halong Port is still played. Some THM maps are good (Areana); and the write-up for those is already done. There are a few others that I consider classic.

Let me see what I can do. Getting the screenshots to fit the article, i.e. specific map theme, seems to be the most time-consuming.
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Hey guys,
Myself and DaDude of WWW=^ clan have just completed a 10th anniversary map. We are hosting it on our server as I type. We will be manning our server on the 18th March from 8pm GMT. It is a home server, we have rallied our old members and a few other people we have kept in touch with to join us. This is how we will be doing our bit for the 10th anniversary. We no longer have a website, as the clan disbanded a few years ago (we all keep in touch, and a few play games like BF3 COD etc). We joined the 10th anniversary page on facebook, and have been promoting our map and server and inviting old friends to join the page. Looking forward to a good night of old school gaming Grin We found we had more in VC than in most of the modern games because as soon as ranking was introduced everyone was competing for points and medals and the fun was lost!


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Can you tell me more about this map? Maybe we can host it also here...

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
The map is a 'L' shaped street. Houses and buildings either side. US spawn at one end VC spawn other end. Flags in the middle gives rise to a nice bottle neck tug of war type fight. Roofs accessible so you can climb high and perch with snipers.
Map available in DM and TDM mode, there are 'Gunshops' in these modes which are filled to the gills with just about every weapon available. Get to a gunshop to stake your territory!
A night map with nice lighing (even if i do say so myself hehe).
Many references to the 10 year anniversary.
I will post some screenshots tomorrow if you would like?
I am going to try and make one more map. May get it finished before end of January, may not. All depends on how much free time we have. (Two young children makes free time difficult lol).
Yes I am a girl, yes i was clan leader and yes i do make maps as i am sure other girls do Smile
Gemzy Smile
gemzy wrote:

I will post some screenshots tomorrow if you would like?

Ofcourse Wink

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
gemzy wrote:

I will post some screenshots tomorrow if you would like?

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