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View Thread: Vietcong's Anniversary
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Vietcong's Anniversary
I'm doing the first map for 1.70, but I do not know whether it will work on 1.70 if changes editor?
Edited by Hoods on 18-01-2013 17:04
I have attached some screenshots of our map guys Smile
gemzy attached the following images:

[431.44 kB]

[532.37 kB]

[367.65 kB]

[528.73 kB]

[534.13 kB]

[384.32 kB]

[476.71 kB]

It looks very nice. Maybe you should compute lightmaps also for ground...
What about COOP mode? Is it possible to make it for this map? For example only for 6 US players and 20-30 VC?

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Intruder wrote:
All those who are working on "stuff" for the anniversary should maybe try to end their work for the end of this month... Then, we could start to promote the anniversary "publicly", during February, by posting in gaming forums, facebook, youtube,...
I wonder if we shouldn't have a "special section" in the forum where we will put all the useful informations old and new players will need to have an "easy access" to the game...

I also think that we really need to set a "best VC maps" list... If we let the "new players" download and install the maps by themselves, we will "lost them" directly if they try the "wrong maps". Some of them have a huge number of downloads but only because they are old and of the first "generation", not because they are the nicest.
I remember that to attract new players, we have to offer THE BEST of Vietcong because most of them are certainly playing modern games yet!

For me, the "day" is less important than the "event", but we should maybe try to find A date where we could ALL try to be present on the servers, everywhere in the world! It could be a Friday or a Saturday just before or after the 18th March (it's a Monday)...

Personnaly, I'll try to release a new Custom map for the 10th anniversary of Vietcong, and maybe "more" if I have the time! Smile


I agree.

Although I haven't been active posting on this forum for a while I have been working on collecting emails for emailing-lists and getting things organised for the Australia side of the event. I should be good to go and start advertising near the end of this month.

Good work everyone, keep it up. Not long to go!
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march the 18th 1999 is when I was born I was only 4 when my favorite game Vietcong came out Grin but its on a Monday so I have school Sad but I will be on greens server on the night!Slàinte
LDC-78 wrote:
2 weeks to go, what is planned?

On my side:

-I'm still working on my new custom map that I want to release for the anniversary but I'm very late... Those 2 last weeks will be very busy for me!
-Usually I play only the weekends and on the same server but I will try to play more often, even during the week, on other servers too to learn the vietcong's "Coop gameplay" to the new players I may met...

In general:

-I think we are still missing "links", leading to places to find informations (VC starter, best maps,...), we will use to post on YouTube and other game's forums for example. We should try to bring back all those players who played Vietcong in the past by let them know a program exists to play the game, without crashes, on modern OS too!
-What is "the weekend date" we will use to try to be the most on the servers?
-No news from old Pterodon's guys?
-No possibility to have an announcement on the official Pterodon's site?

Yes I have windows 8 and I didn't need VC started 1.41
von Donnowitz
Happy f*cking anniversary soldiers! Slàinte
Signature Back in the days you met girls that could cook like their mothers... Today you meet girls that can drink like their fathers!!!

"...this was so dirty, I switched to porn when my mom came in..."
congratulation vietcong to your 10th birthday booze
Silent Bob
Happy Anniversary!
happy birthday Vietcong VC boozebooze
SignatureGames such as Flashpoint, Mafia and Vietcong never die.
Happy Beer-Day Slàinte

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Happy B-Day Vietcong! boozebooze
Happy birthday VC! What a great game, you will always be in my heart!
SignatureWhat do you know about getting owned?!

Cheack out my esl page WhApAW->
Happy 10th anniversary Vietcong! YES!

Intruder wrote:

-I'm still working on my new custom map that I want to release for the anniversary but I'm very late...

Unfortunately, I haven't got the time to end the new map for the anniversary... Sad
I could have finalized a version yet because the map is already nice looking and very playable but instead of releasing a beta_1 version that will only last few weeks, I prefer to wait a little more for an even better version! Wink
Be patient, it's only to scare you more in your Vietnam's war! VC

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Signatureah-ah nabboh !
Congratulations to all! Vietcong ever! 10 years ...
It is a pity that the patch 1.70 was not completed. Sad
Patience, guys are definitely a lot of work and I'd rather wait another month before you have a lot of bugs in the new patch
SignatureGames such as Flashpoint, Mafia and Vietcong never die.
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I can't believe VC was 10 years ago!
Great days indeed.
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Silent Bob
105 Members have been online today!
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