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View Thread: How to edit a Grow type object?
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How to edit a Grow type object?

I'm close to release another update of an original map but before, I would like to slightly increase the "last lod alpha" of a plant, so we can see "them" at a further distance...
Despite all my trials, I still haven't found the way to increase that distance, and changing the values in the INI.TXT (in the grow folder) doesn't seem to change something either... Someone knows "how to"?

Example INI.TXT



// end of file


Edited by Intruder on 27-02-2012 15:32
If you have 3dsmax you could import the zem.bes and change the clip distance there. e.g. User defined properties clipdist=90.
Thank you for the proposition but it won't work...
The "plant object" (kytambucha.bes) already has a high lod setting by default (set in max). It's only a "grow setting" that is decreasing the "last lod alpha" of that plant to a very short distance, so it must be set inside the editor I guess...

Intruder wrote:
Thank you for the proposition but it won't work...
The "plant object" (kytambucha.bes) already has a high lod setting by default (set in max). It's only a "grow setting" that is decreasing the "last lod alpha" of that plant to a very short distance, so it must be set inside the editor I guess...


Maybe there is a sub-object selection to choose. In upper right corner click the "show sub-objects tree"...
No mate; I've already tried all what I knew concerning the lods and alpha channels of objects but this one is just a "neutral one", without special features. The solution really seems to be inside the "grow settings" but very few information is available...
I will continue my researches but if I can't find the solution, I will keep it "as it is"...

Edited by Intruder on 23-02-2012 23:22
Hi Intruder
I made some tests with grow objects few years ago and changing of GROW_VISIBILITY was enough. It is strange that it is not working for you.

Maybe it can help - last week I had problem with editor also, a lot of problems, nothing worked, scripts had strange behaviour (I put some conditions inside like x=0; if (x<10) do... and it was not fulfilled). Just nonsence, 1+1=3 etc. So I deleted all maps (I had hundreds of versions in map folder). After that editor started to work fine and also map was working. Maybe if the settings doesn't work for you, try to "clean" your editor.

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
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I tested Grow objects too yesterday and it just don't work for me too. ( it was working when I tested few years ago)
Even new objects don't work.

Looks that I must clean my folders too.
I've found! YES!
In fact, we have to "simply" force the editor to rebuild a new grow.dat file (by deleting the "old one" ) each time we change a value in the INI.TXT file !
Damn, I should have thought about that much earlier because the rain.dat file reacts exactly the same way, for the new rain collisions to be taken in count! Very Angry lol

No need to clean your folders, at least for "this"! Wink

Edited by Intruder on 24-02-2012 10:00
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It wasn't working for me Sad

You just deleted grow.dat file or used "update grow.dat" command in editor?
First, I deleted the grow.dat file from the main directory, and after "F8", my changes in the INI.TXT file (for the plant) were applied on the map (the editor created a new grow.dat file). I repeated the operation during all my tests and everything was working correctly... After that, I went in the LM panel and updated the grow.dat file to apply the map's lighting on the plants, to become "darker" because of the map's "characteristics" (settings)... Wink

Edited by Intruder on 25-02-2012 09:02
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This helped me a lot. But i had to do it a little diferently.
I changed the values in grow ini.txt
then corrupted the grow.dat file by opening it in a text editor, and adding random characters to the code.
Then hit F8 in the editor, and it finally generated new grow.dat with the new values Smile
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