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View Thread: Vietcong 2 - patch 1.20
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Vietcong 2 - patch 1.20

The patch 1.20 brings back to Vietcong 2 good mood and fun. Patch contains many new features and improvements which help admins to keep server clean and popular. You dont need to worry about cheating players anymore, with working Hradba anticheat they dont have chance to cheat on your server. New console commands brings fresh way of admining on your server, be free to kick, ban or save screens. Brand new setting.ini files brings to Vietcong 2 so missed default *.ini files. Our new console commands using them so if you dont want to set up your server again and again, edit and save these *.ini files. New faces and caps are welcome revival of game and no more problems with custom maps, players can download maps from your server or from our net server. And of course, everything is free and public!

* CHANGED: Console command pl.ban will ban player’s ID and player’s IP for better security.
* CHANGED: Original game DVD is no longer required for playing game.
* CHANGED: Napalm strike
* CHANGED: Remington animation and model
* CHANGED: M14 with scope has now different model
* CHANGED: Mac-10 fire sound
* CHANGED: Vz. 58 fire sound
* FIXED: ID bug (ID 255 was a maximum).
* FIXED: Rank system (see below for the details).
* FIXED: Map downloader (see below for details).
* FIXED: Hradba is working on Windows 7 now.
* FIXED: Server crash, if player leave server before kick/ban voting end.
* FIXED: After custom map player‘s see download button in serverlist, even though there is official map running.
* FIXED: Vehicle explode crash.
* FIXED: Server crash if player’s use %n or %s in the nickname.
* FIXED: NVABase flying bugs (invisible walls)
* FIXED: NVABase jumping bugs
* FIXED: You can’t go anymore out of map with car
* FIXED: Junglepoint jumping bugs
* FIXED: Frontier wire bug
* FIXED: Checkpoint out of map bugs
* FIXED: Tigerfalls jumping bugs
* FIXED: Hradba auto update available
* FIXED: MMG bug
* FIXED: 3pv smoke grenade bug
* NEW: Windows 8 support.
* NEW: Console commands (see below for the details).
* NEW: Start up parameters (see below for the details).
* NEW: Faces, voices and caps.
* NEW: In-game map Citadel
* NEW: Smoke artillery
* NEW: Helicopter attack

Download Mirrors:

No installation (final version) http://defwen.com...d.php?id=4

Vietcong 2 patch 1.20 no install
MD5: 00413288d18c6edb280ddab5d1955f36
SHA1: 374a4702a39a9bf18689762af208e3a309824af1
CRC32: d7e6c0c7

Other files:
Manual: http://bit.ly/MkzUQu

project leader/coder

lead programmer

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave message here, contact me via PM or send email on email(at)defwen.com
Edited by Defwen on 13-07-2012 20:52
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working my ass already off on the mapping part Grin
SignatureEverything can and will be solved with dynamite
Bad and good news. I found AK model buggy so it has to go and has been replaced by original one. On other side, we solved some bugs (what we did) and work can continue. We have in plan betatest, if public or private not decided yet.

New screens from actual game:

Please note, these pictures aren't showing final version of patch.

In the end I want to warn everybody that we aren't making mod, but patch. Our work isn't to rework whole game and bring tens of new maps, but we want to improve it.
Edited by Defwen on 14-03-2012 20:45
  x 3
Good Job! I see it's only a little part, as those weapon setting already existed in Call Of Regression mod, but keep it up! Smile
Signaturevc1+fa; vc2+fb
we are cutting parts from the cfr mod into the patch and optimizing it with more weapons aswell, you have seen that good indeed Cool
SignatureEverything can and will be solved with dynamite
I can only contribute scripts related to VC2. Additionally the descriptions on how to get those scripts to work. It has been so long since i have played and edited for VC2, that i literally forgot most everything. But i will upload the scripts i received when Indiglo and myself were working on the VC2 projects...

Rick (Chavez_US)
GG chavez
Thanks Chavez, can you send to me PM about that and when you upload it?
Edited by Defwen on 17-03-2012 00:10
Ok here are the basics, the rest of what i have is related to the wiki i HAD created (which was lost/deleted) from Indiglo. remember, i havent fooled with this stuff in 3 years, and i dont even have VC2 installed anymore...

Rick (Chavez_US)
Chavez_US attached the following file:
chavez_vc2files.rar [2.12 MB, 1139 Downloads]
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We have here first Sunday introduction. Today, we are going to introduce to you new aim system which has change and for somebody can be hard first time.

We've changed:
○ View of no aim and aim for every weapon, in patch 1.20 isn't anything like face to ironsight but we tried to get it closer to first Vietcong and bit of reality as well
○ As you can see in video, now is in Vietcong 2 almost impossible to kill somebody with heavy mg on long way while you are standing. We recommend to lie down.

After some thinking we decided to bring to Vietcong 2 bit of realsim. You can't run in VC2 without consequences anymore, you have to think a bit and appreciate your stamina.

New screens:
  x 2
Silent Bob
[quote]Defcon wrote:

Download source  Code

Map downloader              - done
Ranks system                - done
IP Ban                      - done

Can you drop me a PM about those issues....the info needs to be sotred somewhere ;)
Bob, here:

Signaturevc1+fa; vc2+fb
  x 1
So guys U r building new mod based on different mods and mixing something own modified files there also.
So I think U are talking about a mod.
  x 2  x 1
Really? I don't think so. You can call it as you want, we call it patch. If you don't belive, check sometimes Vietcong 2 server list for server on 1.20 version. What Mick posted is page of our code developer. Thing's there are public, for everybody. We have many thing's about know only few people and we will share it later with others. I don't have any reason to share everything at once.
Yes, we are using Call for Regression for inspiration, Fist Bravo as well.
We are making thing's different then in these mod's. You can see some familiar things there, but not same.
Edited by Defwen on 20-03-2012 20:11
  x 1  x 1  x 1
Dirlandaa wrote:
So guys U r building new mod based on different mods and mixing something own modified files there also.
So I think U are talking about a mod.

Dida thoose guys are do a great job!!
  x 1
john wrote:
Dirlandaa wrote:
So guys U r building new mod based on different mods and mixing something own modified files there also.
So I think U are talking about a mod.

Dida thoose guys are do a great job!!

I agree with John.
Finally somebody who's doing something for the game to improve it APPLAUSE.
Hope this game still active in a few years.
Keeping the game alive APPLAUSE
  x 1
I have yet to play VC2 as a COOP game. Most of my experience has been as SP game. Those that know me on this forum, will know I mostly play VC1 (COOP).

I have always thought it had great potential... but because there didn't seem to be a very big community, I didn't think that it would ever get the face-lift it deserves.

It's great to see once again... the general VC community taking the 'guts' out of a game, polishing them up and putting them back with extra BANG!

I look forward to hopefully playing this game again... and in COOP mode!

Note to Self: Must make sure my install is up to spec!
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Sunday is here and with it our next introduction. Today, we are going to present you new or edited console commands.

Download source  Code
New or edited console commands for Vietcong 2
pl.ban [id] [time]
 - command has been changed, you are going to ban his IP instead of ID

law.on.off [0/1]
 - disable RPG, LAW, M79, Smoke grenade, XM-148

cln.ban [cln]
 - 30 minutes ban via cln. command. On non-dedicaded servers can cause crashes. For use this command, you need
   to know cln number. Use cln.list for this number.

srv.password [text]
 - set-up server password. For unlock your server again, use ""

 - Check the last number in every line. 0 means player, number 1 means admin.

And as usual two new in-game screenshots:

Edited by Defwen on 25-03-2012 17:52
  x 2  x 1
Good job again defcom and daan...
I cant wait til you guys are finished whit it :-)

@ reaver, At this moment there are only 2 servers on line in vc2 Fist Bravo 1.1 version.
one CTF server, WOTW, and one Server www.vietcong2.eu voor COOP
and mabye 10 servers in 1.0 version mixed ctf, dm, coop
So you see we are stil there.... but small game communityGrin

And yes for thoose guys who know me... platoon is dead.
we (Murphy and i) restart whit a new community just 3 week ago, we have aleady 24 sitemembers for COOP play.
We are not a clan team or crew, Just a game server and a teamspeak3 server, website and a forum.
Coop teamplay is the main task in coop for us.

Edited by john on 27-03-2012 09:09
john, can you post here link to your web?

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
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