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View Thread: Vietcong Replay Files
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Vietcong Replay Files
I'm extremely interested in the in-game replay (.rep) files that are generated when a spectator enters rpstart <filename> into console.

Does any one know:
- How all of this data is recorded/stored within the .rep file?
- How is the .rep file encoded? Can it be extracted? If so, which program could extract the contents this file?
- Is this file encrypted in any way?
- Are there any commands / hot keys which can be used while the replay file is being played back? If so, what?

My interests in replay files relate to analyzing it after a War/Scrim with regard to Anti-Cheat.

I haven't been able to find much info about replays on google, I figured there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum who may be able to help.

Im not sure actually how is that data crypted.
I think is storing internet packages and then crypt them.
I was try with known archivers but is not work... So this file is not a archive. (data compressor)
Decryption procedure (function) must be stored in game.dll
But anyway if you decrypt that data... im not sure what you can do with this internet packages...

About anti-cheat will be good help if you can put spectator camera on head...
Allot PPL says is not possible but i know that is... It must be writen in memory actual values and max zoom and min zoom. (when you press 0 and 1 on numpad) you can see that your camera going closer to player, but there is max size and if you override max i think you can come closer.
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