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View Thread: Vietcong 2 Map it's possible ?
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Vietcong 2 Map it's possible ?
Hi all
someone could make a very very big mega map where insentive players to explore and have the CTF modes, Assault, COOP, TDM and DM.
a map with a lot of vegetation so that it is easy to kill and vehicles we can find anywhere on the map. do not know if it would be possible to map as "ARMA II WASTELAND"
do not know if this crazy idea possible to make
Edited by Hades on 20-11-2013 06:51
Yes, nice idea, I can imagine sorting players in status tab by area where they are, also notifications like Leaving CTF area, Entering DM area... But here is one BUT - limitation of objects in map. I don't know how it is with VC2 but in VC1 there was very small limit for objects. I tried to merge maps together like HoChiMinh trail, SecondTrail, ThreeCanyons, Bahnar, BahnarRazed and Stream. For terrain it was not problem, all was merged and I was able to run all the map but when I placed all trees, map crashed. Maybe somebody involved in VC2 editing can tell more if it is possible or not.

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
kosti, to get more/bigger meshes you should take a look at my draw call tutorial...it saves performance and reduces the mesh count.

if you do blending with meshes correct it should be possible to create huge terrains with all over scattered meshes. i already made it someday.
Edited by apfelbaum on 20-11-2013 23:09
I spoke about number of objects like trees. As I know there was limit about 2500

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
yes kosti, you have to merge meshes to groups within 3ds max (multiple material id's).
The vc2 object count is quite high (never reached it because my pc is too shitty). however for dynamic objects like barrels that you can push over is the limit quite low (150-250) and may crash the map if placed wrong.

i thought that if you work with sectors in a right way you can create realy big maps like fraggel did
SignatureEverything can and will be solved with dynamite
The engine is not good enough , you cant compare the BIS codemasters engine to any other engine and is one of the most suitable engines for a map like that.

Why dont you just join a nice pve server for arm2 origin days server ? or something like that Smile

Wasteland sucks bigtime to because you cant store your date in a database i guess so every time you have to start all over again ..

no matter that you can not save game data.
it would be important that encourages exploration where to find all the best of vc2
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