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View Thread: Vietcong 2 PROMOD III
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Vietcong 2 PROMOD III
Hello all,
im quite new in this forum but not in Vietcong scene. A lot of people know me from Vietcong2 for sure ..
I wanted to post some information about my modification / patch for Vietcong2. I work on it really long itme, with some long pauses. So i dont really know real made-in time, but it will be a lot. I have start in may 2010.
Few weeks later, Promod I was made (but it was crap Grin - but everyone must to start somewhere). In 2011, Promod II was born. Day by day, when i was trying to make new things, i was learning how it all works in Vietcong2.
So in Second version, i was already know how to work with textures, how to change them and all other things. After this second versin which was published, i have start work on Promod III.
This modification is not in public realase still. It have some good justification. A have make a lot of changes and add some new stuff in game. For example i have re-texture a lot of default textures
on maps for better one, some guns textures are changed too. I have add a lot of caps, helmets and hats, new colour of berets. Also some new faces can be found in my modification. For example Sgt.Horsnter from VC1.
I have been working on adding some new guns, like SVT40. In case of this gun, gun was added in game since it was realsed in 2005. But model, textures and animations were missing so gun was never officialy added to game by Pterodon. So i have took a look on this. I have used a lot of files from Vietcong1, here was the result what i made.

As you can see, SVT was rotated. Long time i was looking how to solve this, i was thiking that position of gun is saved in .eqp files (like in hats, caps etc.). But i was wrong. SVT40 come in FistAlpha patch and somewhere on internet, i have read that all models are rotated here too. So i was work on it and i have solve it.

Gun is working quite excelent now. But i have last two problems and i can't find solution how to fix it. So i hope i will find some guy on this forum who can help me maybe?
1) Gun cannot be dropped on the ground, also when someone kill you, the gun is not automaticaly dropped (3PV model of course exist and you can see it, that soldier is holding the gun in 3rd view)
2) Gun animations are not working, im sure the animations are made in 3Ds max, but problem is that i can't do a sh*t in MAX .. im not programer, event not modeler ...

And next problem which i dont know how to solve ...
I want to make some new game modes ... Like CTF2 but with other settings (i want to change guns aviable in the list of US / VC side ) ..
If i want to make some new map as a custom, how should i do it?
I will be really much GRATEFULL for every info from you guys!

Hope that you can help, thanks a lot
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I never made modifications for VC2 but my two cents:

1) In VC1 are defined guns and equipments in text file where is one parameter which defines if gun/equipment can be dropped. For knives, medkits, radios etc there is set false flag, for guns true flag. Try to search for such files in VC2, I hope it will be similar.

About available guns - this is also defined in txt file, but I'm not sure if you can define it by gamemode. There it is defined for soldier classes like for soldier, machinegunner, medic, etc. Also there are special classes not used in coop, but only in DM and similar games. So I think you can be able to define new soldier classes and define weapons for them. Then you need to modify game scripts to use these new classes...

I hope it will help.


2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Yes, of course i know this text file, where are parameters of all guns .. I was read it a lot of time but i cannot find any command that looks usefull ... But i will try compare it with C4 / Radio or any other equip which is not dropped. So maybe i will get more info ...

About Game modes .. i have already make new game mode, called "Pro" for example ... i have define guns for each soldier and sides in needed files (ini files etc.), But all this changes was make in official maps, so i have like nvabase pro (game type). Only problem is, that respawns and all other things are working good, even a admin cmd like pro.endrule.time 0 - 120 and other cmd.
But pro mode is based on CTF, so it is on flags ... but i have problem with this. Flags are not placed in the map with mode pro ... So i need to find something, which define in which modes should be US/VC flag appear

Každopádně ti děkuji za odpověď, snad jsi to pochopil i v AJ .. a ještě k těm zbraním, třeba u takového Tokarevu TT jsem většinu parametrů zkopíroval z Coltu M1911, jelikož používám i animace z Coltu atd, tím pádem by tam už mě být parametr, který má po zabití zbraň zobrazit ale i tak to nejde ..
Edited by T0mmycz on 17-01-2014 16:50
Nice you fixed SVT )
Signaturevc1+fa; vc2+fb
Confused Master
Hey T0mmy!
First of all it's nice to see another modder on the forum.

Kosti is right, there is a line that can enable or disable the ability to drop the item or weapon.
//`w_mp [disable drop] [disable select] [disable speceqp]
So `w_mp 0 0 0 should usually be the best.

Already in VC1 for some reason our friends from pterodon have barely used this option and decided to leave out entries in a different file instead in order to stop the player from dropping ammobags, medkits and such.

So now you want to have a look at the items.txt.
There the dropped items are linked with the first-person items.
What you need to add there is an entry like this:

[13] ; Tokarev SVT40
name = 2041
bes = G\\Weapons\\SVT40\\svt40_3pv
time = 0,30
weap = 13

I hope this helps. Good luck! Smile
Edited by Confused Master on 17-01-2014 19:19
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Hello Master!
I have alrady find it! Grin But thanks anyway ... now i have got another problem, when i put in the way for 3RD VIEW Model SVT model G\\Weapons\\SVT40\\svt40_3pv, game crash while you are going drop it ... i have some ideas how to fix it but if you think you have solution, just write it here and i will try it. Thanks a lot for any ideas (mine idea is to use stock .bes file for SVT from VC1, not that one which was modifed by me, so i will call that stock model like SVT40_3PV_2 and way on the file bes = G\\Weapons\\SVT40\\svt40_3pv_2 as well ... Cos when i tried to replace mode for SVD for example, it was ok ... SVD was dropped on the ground, but when you take it in your hands, you hold SVT40 again ... but im sure i will fix it on 100%

Thanks a lot guys! Smile
SignatureRediA e-Sport Team
Vietcong2 Czech Fansite
Ok. Another problem. With SVT40 with optic. Texture with CROSS AIM is in the all whole optic, so while you press aiming button on mouse or whatever, camera is going to position in front of this texture. But here is my problem. What parameter set the distace, height and center position (like x,y,z) where should be this camera placed? Cos my camera is viewed behind texture, so I can't never view this texture without any other problems. Nad i dont mean commands in WEAP.txt like w_aimzoom and w_noaim bla bla ... this is not the solution, thx for any help mates
SignatureRediA e-Sport Team
Vietcong2 Czech Fansite
Confused Master
its all the animation. no other values for the location of the scope-texture.
When It Will be?
About the weapon model not showing if one drops it, this model shown is a different .bes file then the 3PV one, the 3PV is only used for the weapon the characters hold in their hands, as soon they drop it, this gets hidden and another .bes file is drawn, one that has physics enabled in the model so it falls properly.

I believe this model is called _STG.bes but it has been many years.. + it could be that in VC2, they combined 3PV and STG in a single .bes, I can't remember.

So if you have issues showing this weapon model, it is most likely due to the fact the physics properties of VC2 models are different then VC1, so it does not gets drawn in-game.
Try a vc2 weapon stg.bes for your custom weapon, see if that does gets drawn upon drop.

About animations; the animation system of VC2 weapons is based on VC1, but very different in skeleton animations. the FPV view of the hands consists of an animated mesh with linked Bones.
The movement of the weapon itself is animated in 3dmax aswell, but basicly uses timeline editing to move various parts, where it is saved as .manm
In the script(s) of the weapons are the defined weapon names that are each linked to the main mesh, trigger,magazine,barrel, that kinda stuff, but then Czech named.
If your weapon parts differ from the names defined in the script(s), it won't work.

Again, it has been many years since I educated myself on how it works, so I might be mistaken.
Good luck and if you have more questions I'll be to answer those I can Smile
Edited by Jimmy on 19-05-2014 16:45
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