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View Thread: New game mode idea
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New game mode idea
Silent Bob
apfelbaum wrote:
GAMEMODEIDEA: steal the gamemodeidea "rush" from bad company 2. there are 2 teams, attacker and defender. the attacker have to destroy 2 mcoms. but the attacker only have limited respawns/tickets.
->1. when they cant destroy the mcoms (or maybe bombs in vc) with the limited tickets, the defenders have won.
->2. when they destroy the 2 mcoms, the maps get a new area. in this area are 2 new mcoms.

-the defenders always spawn in/near the mcoms area
-the attackers always spawn far away ( in vc around 150-200 meters [ not near]) the mcoms.

maybe it is possible for you to create/script "delayed appearing areas". i mean...if the attackers destroyed the 2 mcoms they can enter the next area around 10-15 seconds later while the defenders can search/take new positions.

-so that the defenders cant make a spawn rape you can either add a specified area for the defenders they can enter until eg. 50 before the mountain, so they cant shoot or nade the attackers and they can spawn secure...
-...or the editor of the map add a collision, so they cant move into the forbidden area.

for the gameplay the attackers have some vehicles (eg a jeep with machine gun/helicopter/tank)

so its easier to know where are the mcoms/bomb an image is always displayed through all elements/the whole terrain with always the same scale... eg small, bright blue dot (64x64 dots) or a sign.the icon/sign changes if the bomb was planted.

hope you like the "idea".

Hmm...its a mixture of existing features.

Feature base raping prevention: has been done by Don Turtuma in the KOTH gamemode
Feature limited respawn: done in various Coop maps

As i dont know the exact gameplay of the BFBC2 rush mode: is the ticket system per players or team ( like Coop-respawn is 1 ticket or single player respawn like in DM-respawn equals 1 ticket)?

The rest of the idea sounds like a mixture of TT and RW.

I agree with hrco that vehicles are not necessary in VC, too much work in programming and it kills the VC jungle immersion.
ok, no vehicles. the tickets count per it an idea for vietcong?Smile
Can't remember what topic it was anymore, so i will ask it here.

What about that go-kart vc mode?

Was that project finished and could it be shared?

It would be funny if i could create a cup for it in ESL now, cause it's summer time anyway, so hardly any team is complete to play matches, so it would be fun for the players that are not on vacation..

thx in advance, regards, bierkes
but the gokart mod looks good and funny as hell Smile
Hi there!
After almost 2 years break I'm here again, now I'm just asking if somone can actually create that script as described in the first post?
I've finished the map, just HTF mode missing..
What needs to be done ? can you tell ?
I also made a new kind of gamemode for OFP /Armed assault , i had that idea long time ago for VC aswell but never tried to make it happen .

So now iam still thinking about making foxhunt for vc Wink

Edited by DSOP-Apache on 03-04-2013 10:19
A script like descibed in my first post. There are 2 different locations where teams originally spawn (just like in CTF) and only 1 neutral flag (like in RW). The team who takes the flag starts to respawn around that flag and not anymore at primary location. Instead of flag captures count in upper left corner there should be a countdown timer for each team. The team which holds the flag for like 20 minutes wins. Respawn time could be 15 seconds..
Edited by Yrchi on 04-04-2013 15:04
A new game mode idea could be KW knife war and all you get is a map, knife, and 1 grenade. Another game mode could be KTZ kill the zombies get the zombie from the single player mission and make 50 zombies that try to kill you and you have to kill them all with only bolt action rifles and a knife before they eat your whole team. This would be really fun for maps like stronghold2 where you respawn in the base and zombies come out from all sides and when I zombie bites you its like being stabbed by a knife and 2 hits and your dead Shock
H5N1 Bird Flu
heh...same mode which you wrote in the first post is existing in online game .... Smile ....just mention Smile
KW - do you think something like DM? or better TDM? Or CTF?
It is not problem to equip soldiers by defined weapons, knives only in this case.

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
H5N1 Bird Flu
something like KW i got on my server in map 30MS_BoxCastle, KMCTF ..knife & machete...this map also contains KMDM Smile
H5N1 Bird Flu attached the following file:
30ms_boxcastle.rar [2.22 MB, 556 Downloads]
Edited by H5N1 Bird Flu on 02-11-2013 12:10
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