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420Ninjutsu wrote:
and im banned on ducks coop range . because i played like a rambo . lol . but whats the point of banning people when the server is very rarely full ? un-ban pls .

Sorry 420Ninjutsu but you are wrong. None of the admins banned you but VCGuard did and apparently because you was using your "Colt's cheat" ( do you remember? ). I wasn't aware you were banned from the server till recently (I wasn't on the server when it happened)... You will be unbanned at the next server restart.
As long as you (the players) join "ducks coop range" and play with a minimum of teamplay and with a friendly attitude, you are the welcome... It's almost the only "rules" we have there! Wink

Edited by Intruder on 05-01-2015 12:39
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Oh , hey , thanks . and what is colt's cheat ? I never cheat , but i sometimes gets punished by VCguard for using some fist alpha weapons like M14 , which is not even cheat . but well, i have been banned like a year , so ..
Hc clan , i want faster map upload speed like 256kb/sec please .
The Game Server is set to the maximum of 256KB/sec. It must be your internet connection or your computer system that's slowing it down. the Game Server is on a dedicated 50MB download and 20MB upload pipeline. I can also see the download progress on all who are downloading and notice that some have much faster speeds than others.

When observing your download speed with theirs, yours was much slower. Please note that as a courtesy I message everyone in the game when we switch maps and when we have players downloading, and that we will restart the map when downloading is complete. Hang in there my friend.

Also, since I gave you admin privileges you can log into the server, change it to a desired map and if you do not have it log back into the server and it will download it at your convenience. Smile
SignatureDR. GIGGLEZ
  x 1
yea , thanks . i logged on and downloaded halong 2009 . still slow thou . it was a good game today .APPLAUSE
hmm , no one is on HC server now Sad
Happy 1K views anniversary .
420Ninjutsu - Halong Only is good . no high ping kick too . join thereee ..
420Ninjutsu wrote: - Halong Only is good . no high ping kick too . join thereee ..

Hmm nice El_AdamoS ping 665ms Grin

no high ping kick too ,po našem na píču Pfft
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I need server in california , like ye olde {420} server ... because if i got 220 ping and opponent got 60 ping , i can never hit the moving target even if i shoot right . someone living in california , host {420} server pls , i ll give you a licence , for the owner is lost , im the last 420 member lol .
Edited by 420Ninjutsu on 08-01-2015 06:51
Server was rocking last night:
SignatureDR. GIGGLEZ
  x 1
aaaaaa . playing Vietcong gives me stresses . for my ping is 200 above them all . and Moo is too good . im crying .Sad

Don't cry my friend, the ping is unfavorable but MOO is the real problem with this server.

He's not a great player but just a big cheater who uses just the help of the bots in the game.

For my part I solved the problem: do not play on that server until the admin tolerates such a cheater.

I feel sorry for Dr. GiggLez don't understand why don't they ban this big cheater?

Goodbye server HC and my congratulations as well hope to attract other players? APPLAUSE
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lol , is Moo a cheater ? I thought he is just a very very good player ? hm , i really dont know . and there is no choice for server for me . because of my ping , any server except HC server gives me 390 -400 ping . because they are all located in europe .. i am like 260 ping on HC clan .

well , i am crying , crying forever , because i love vietcong . its better than any other games . i want california server like olde 420 server back , everyone got like 170-200 ping on there , so it was equal . i was one of the top player on there , unlike me being so retarded like blind old soldier on HC server .
Edited by 420Ninjutsu on 15-01-2015 05:39
Moo is my son. He is 20-years old. He has been playing Vietcong since he was 9-years old and was accused of cheating then. He is not a cheater. He is better than 99% of those we play against. His computer system and equipment also better than most of us. Anyone is welcome to spectate or follow him in the game.

Please keep in mind that our server does not tolerate cheating. If or when we catch anyone doing so we kick or ban them.

I know your ping is high and you should understand that we allow those with high pings to play so that we have more players. We have many who play with high pings like yours who do really well. In fact, it hurts those who have lower pings when high pingers are playing. That's why some servers would limit the pings very low. I find it difficult shooting players who lag and in many instances it works to the high pingers advantage.

I know it's frustrating but we all get frustrated. I think you play very well despite your ping. If you like playing VC come and play and do the best you can with what you have. It's never going to be perfect anymore with such low numbers playing.
SignatureDR. GIGGLEZ
oh, ok , Larry , oh , never thought you have a son . i thought you are like 17 years old ! hm , i might play later , but my video card is laggy , also im old and my eyes hurt , so i might not play so often .

@dRgiGGLeZ excuse me: nothing personal didn't know that MOO was your son, , and if you say that is not a cheater I believe you on the word.

Just a little question: if it wasn't your son what would you think?

It does not appear that uses autoaim and autofire? I counted three kills in less than a second on three different positions.At least it is if you allow suspicion, don't you think?

That said no problem.

See you soon in VC Slàinte Wink
Paolo I think that lag/ping issues create most of the cheating accusations because of the timing problems it creates. I have suspected many players of wall hacking, in particular, because of the timing issues that lag causes only to disprove it by watching or spectating under an Alias name.

I run VC GUARD on this server and any fast shots, fast flags, etc. detected will automatically ban players.

As I stated before Moo has been playing since 9-years old and was banned from Tim Hawkins {THM} server when he was 13-years old because he was better than Tim not because he was cheating. Most are envious of his skills.

When you are a much better skilled player you will always be accused of cheating no matter who you play or where you play or what game you play. It goes with the territory.

Again, if you would take the time to watch him play, follow him, spectate him, you will see that he is not cheating. He has won money and prizes playing "Call of Duty" here in the United States in professionally ran competitions. He is very skilled on most games he chooses to play.

Watch him play Vietcong on YouTube:

What else can I say my friend?
Edited by dRgiGGLeZ on 17-01-2015 04:34
SignatureDR. GIGGLEZ
  x 1  x 1
Oh wow , is Moo a professional ? Slàinte how much he won ? booze
I used to play the original Call of Duty Black Ops..... semi - pro team but we played against the pros and often beat them, I went by the name "Schism" and was on A4V (Aim 4 Victory) Was 2 days away from going to MLG (Major League Gaming) Orlando LAN event but my teammate got in a car accident several days before the event... during the months leading up to the event, we were beating pro teams every day so in my opinion we would have definitely accomplished a pro placement (top 16 teams)

Also played Quake Live using the name "Methods"

You can watch me play Quake Live (it's basically Quake 3) here:

and I'm going to do my best to record some more Vietcong gameplay. When I record it during VC, it often drops my FPS a little bit, which affects my gameplay a little bit... but not too bad.

You can watch my VC vids here:

Which by the way was my first time recording gameplay on VC and I dropped 80 or something like that. :-)

I've literally played Vietcong for half of my life (since I was 10, and I'm 20 now.) If I'm not at least a decent player after 10 years of playing it, then something is seriously wrong, hahaha.

Edited by TheMoo on 17-01-2015 08:23
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