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View Thread: Maps on the Vietcong Info Gameserver
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Maps on the Vietcong Info Gameserver
Silent Bob
Feel free to post your map sugestions including mapname/mode/endrule
Edited by Silent Bob on 27-05-2011 17:46
  x 1
Silent Bob

DaisyTown/CTF/45 mins
Edited by Silent Bob on 27-05-2011 18:13
it's server running?
What about 2 servers? On one COOP, second CTF, ATG, GTP...

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
  x 1
Too bad, I have bad pings to his servers :-(

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Don Turtuma
The server is now running, the current map is StreamTT. Let me know if there's any problems with it.
Edited by Don Turtuma on 03-06-2011 13:28
SignatureRetired VC modder
  x 3  x 1
Don Turtuma
Link? Nevermind, foud it. Smile

Always include a download link in the map suggestions! Smile
Edited by Don Turtuma on 06-06-2011 13:12
SignatureRetired VC modder
Hey bob what u say about Vietcong Server list section where are all server visible and you can click on map and download her...
  x 1
Maybe it's an idea to put a couple of small maps on.. so an administrator can switch to stream or one of the others when there's people in the server...

I don't think stream TT with 0 ppl in it will attract someone...

Why not host small maps like Detroit by LDC, Daisytown (Wink), the new map by Intruder etc..
or maybe even halongport just to get some people in there..
I play vietcong from time to time and I would just go in the server to attract other people... but stream TT etc. with 60-90 min is just too boring with less then 10 people..
(Don't get me wrong, my favorite maps are stream, threecanyons etc., just don't like to play aloneCool)
I posted this earleir in the Vietcong 2 discussion. Oops. I wasn't clear on what VC2 was.

Anyway, again for the record. And I shortened it a bit:

At a Jump map, Yrchi (Archi?) commented about a possible Stronghold 3.

I proposed a long narrow ledge high along the mountain wall. Access to the ledge only at both ends of the beach.

Yrchi said that was “boring”, just a rehash of Halong V1.7 changes.

I’m not so sure: The mountain-paths and ramps work great in Halong v1.7 / v1.9. Those maps are (or were) very popular for 100-point/all-day games.

I suppose a narrow walkable ledge risks neutralizing the reason for a stronghold: The ledge sort of bypasses the stronghold. Thus the stronghold is no longer much of a stronghold.

To dispel worries:

1. The ledge must be long, narrow and dangerous. It is ancient. It runs all the way from one end of the beach to the other end of the beach just below the mountain top.

Wide gaps must be jumped by players. A sidewall here and there for cover but only a few. Two or three “crows’ nests”, good for cover only if a player there isn't standing. Jumping off any high part of the ledge is always fatal.

2. The ledge/walkway works because you would expect one to be up on that mountain anyway if Stronghold2 was a real place.

3. All strongholds protect what they have inside. But they also must project firepower outside. The high mountain ledge provides more “firing range” (or opportunity to project power) across that “no man’s land” behind the stronghold.

The ledge also enables lines of fire into the stronghold. Ipso facto, the ledge can be used to help defend the stronghold too.

4. The ledge allows another area for face-to-face combat.

Thus: A high walkable ledge better utilizes space in the map. It will revitalize Stronghold 2 while letting it stay familiar.
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