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View Thread: new custom addons
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new custom addons
everyone who still play this great game and want to try some new custom addons can visit:

-mostly for multiplayer
-extended mod is for fist alpha

-all changes and information also in README file (english/slovak)

YouTube Video
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Thanks I am always glad for new mods, I always thought that Vc forces were funny with addition dialogues, this mod really provides it
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Without downloading it, could you please post the changes?

And maybe english (ingame) would be good for us to understand.

thanks and keep up your work :-)
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downloaded , i will see how good it is .
apfelbaum wrote:
Without downloading it, could you please post the changes?

no need to download it for reading changes.. everything is on that site as well, just read Description Cool
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Detail of the mod : DESCRIPTION:

1. US dubbing includes typical exclamations known for singleplayer (selected commands).
- Hawkins native voice
- Douglas native voice
- CIDG soldier native voice
- LLDB soldier native voice
- additional voice for another US characters (Pilot, Instructor)
- cpt. Rosenfield uses another voice (unless he is a bot in custom maps, native voice for
voice commands not found in source)
- substituted several native "disturbing" voice commands and calls (mostly Crocker)
- Le Duy Nhut completely instead of US soldier no.1 (player´s profile)

2. VC dubbing replaced by another one (radio call & VC grenade voice announcement native).
- additional vietnam voice commands
- made available vietnam voice for several another VC characters (chief, villager)
- substituted VC characters: Local guerilla VC no.2, Uniformed VC no.1 (player´s profile)
- Vietcong-Girl character instead of the Black pajamas VC no.1 (player´s profile)

3. Extended "deathvoice" (hurt, dying).
4. Lowered volume of sound when flag is stolen.
5. Fixed minor bugs in native files.
6. Cancelled "hit shock" which was set to only for some player´s characters in game.
(now all characters are equal, all characters without hit shock)
Ah that sounds so great.
Could you please combine your mod with the more equipments mod? That would be awesome to have a greater character individuality :-)

great work
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apfelbaum wrote:
.. to have a greater character individuality ..

this will break one my mentioned target in description: "playable compatibility with all servers and players without this mod"
(of course, I mean all servers with Hradba turned off, because Hradba doesn´t allow custom mods)

but everyone who want also a greater character individuality still can combine this mod with AddCong mod (copy into folder fistalpha)
Edited by xhc on 20-01-2016 23:39

I will test.....OMFG....copie all in Vietcong Folder > Not more start VC
Than test it.....Vietcong/addons/Fist alpha Folder > Fail with Sound Probleme and without Sound go start VC...

SignatureHuepf Huepf

Sorry,for my Bad Inglisch VC

Say Nix is ​​sometimes more, but it brudelt in a then high, so also nothing.
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thnx for report, it seems you have some conflict in maps folder... try this test:

1. check extended mod without weapons mod (extended mod goes into fistalpha folder)
2. try weapons mod but before rename your maps folder (for example to maps1) then start vietcong --to find if some custom map makes this problem (if yes please send me which map was that)
ok I found it .. that map is NioGianh .... the quick fix is: simply remove it from maps folder.. I will check this map and see the problem conflict in this custom map because this map comes with many customizations


I made fix for this custom map (NioGianh and NioGianh1.2), you can download it in attachment of this post. Try it and check it. This fix is only for this NioGianh map when using xhc-TC-WEAPONS mod. More information in README file.

Problem is when some custom map contents additional files which don´t exist in original Vietcong include its Fist Alpha expansion pack. This way means, a map was made as a good adept at conflicts with other custom mods (not only at mine).

I did not decide to make "u2" update for xhc-TC-WEAPONS mod. This issue is not issue of my mod.

I can make fixes for other similar custom maps when reported, although I tested my mod with more than 800 custom maps with no issues! Cool

So thank you again for report! Slàinte
xhc attached the following file:
xhc-fix-sound-niogianh.rar [44.55 kB, 511 Downloads]
Edited by xhc on 25-01-2016 00:38
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