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View Thread: So I was thinking...
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So I was thinking...
Well god damn! So vietcong is basically the game that really started my gaming journey back in 04, I had quite a successful clan back then called {A.A.D} (some of you old timers might remember) and to this day it remains one of my favourite and memorable games..

I haven't played in a number of years but the other night I reinstalled and gave it a go and thanks to this forum I was able to get the server list up. Yeah there was a few cheaters but they were that bad that it didn't really matter Pfft and I actually still had a lot of fun playing, brought back a lot of memories.

So anyway it got me thinking.. I don't know if you guys do it on this forum, but wouldn't it be awesome to arrange a big game? Like CTF in Stream or Waterfall or Halong..

Obviously we're all a lot older and have commitments (jobs, kids etc) but we could arrange it for a date that suits us all.. I see yous have a TS server so we could all jump on that and have a couple of hours fun, like the good old days Smile

What you guys think?
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Silent Bob
18th of march is Vietcong´s birthday, if brchi is willing to put some old School maps (stream,halong, etc) on the Server i can arrange a pm to alll users here to eventually Show up.....time could be 2000 gmt and we would need some TS admins.......we did this before and there was loads of fun Smile
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Hey Silent Bob! I remember you from the Petero forum's, think I had you on my Xfire also ^_^ how you been?
Yeah that sounds awesome! That time would be perfect, let's hope we can get it arranged Smile
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Silent Bob wrote:
if brchi is willing to put some old School maps (stream,halong, etc) on the Server

For sure.

Organizing events is not so much my thing though.
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Silent Bob
So is there any volunteers for the TS?
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A mix of all modes would be really good, coop, ctf, rw, tt and all others the devs implemented :-)
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Wow forum-warriors have spoken... If I had dollar for every post you posted here, I'd drown in money Grin What's the point of it, if you don't play at all... I'll be happy if there be someone else besides Haddock or Dim Pfft . Good luck and count me if something happens over here
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Silent Bob
If i had not 3 children and a wife and a real life i´d love to play with you guys......but there is such a thing like real life, just look out of the window ( not the pc screen.....the real window) offence mate Smile jk.........we just do our job and try to organize something....beside putting money and time into this website Pfft
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I play often, at least everyday half an hour. but i change my nick daily so im not often called apfelbaum...
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And again talking about real life, if you have time to run this server, it means YOU probably HAVE TIME for playing as well. I mean do you think I am playing for hours, I play few time per week at best . Problem is that it's like 5 people from former community is actually playing, which is sad. But hey I keep hearing people still modding and creating maps and my question is FOR WHAT? What's point of it if you don't consume your product at all.

Anyways it's going off-topic, it be nice if any of you could organize at least something and it be great, VC is pretty much dead but not forgotten VC
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Well I won't complain about someone trying to start up a special event, what's wrong with that for the anniversary? You are right, there are fewer players left, but the ctf scene is especially busy it seems, so you might have some success with it. As for the modding, mapping, and whatnot, those players that are left are the ones who reap the benefits, and if people enjoy doing these things, who are we to complain and ask why? Anyways, I will thank those who still contribute to this game that will not die, and to you Bob, for continuing to do what you do.
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Sorry my point was that talking without action is waste of time. I bet you just come here to comment not really even considering to play. 6thsense and pixelhunter died because of lack of action and bragging about stuff.

I just hope that in the end there be more than Dim, Haddock, Jerk playing game, l hope for the best but I lost faith in all, because I haven't seen you online in years and yes I check who's online for almost every day.
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Im currently trying to get back into making maps and i play when i can when this event gets a set time ill gladly join in for some good old fashion fun. Plus its good to see all the friends i basically grew up talking to hoping this event happens and i get to join in the fun Smile YES!
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Is the date really correct? https://en.wikipe...ideo_game) says:

Release date(s)
NA March 26, 2003
PAL April 17, 2003
Still in need for ts admins? I can also provide a standalone TS3 server for that event.
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