Vietcong compatibility Windows 10
Posted by Silent Bob on July 29 2015 16:09:28
I installed Windows 10 today and found no problems playing Vietcong 1 using the VC Starter.

BTW: i found a quicker way to install W10 than to wait for the automatic update..... :)

Read here

Extended News
Just use the media creator from Microsofts Website, download the .iso for your OS Version, unpack it with 7zip and run the setup.......saves you 50% of total time :D

! Attention !

Do not burn the .iso to a DVD and do a clean install, your W7 key is invalid for a clean Installation. I did not test a W8 PC which key saved to UEFI so i cannot tell you if that works.
To be on the save side do as mentioned above and run the Setup from the extracted .iso which starts the update of your current OS and W10 is activated once the Update is completed.