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View Thread: Visual bug on trees!
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Visual bug on trees!

I need help!
Well, I'm actually working for many days on the next update of...Intrusion(!) and despite a lot of "known bugs" now corrected, everything was working fine...till now! BUT today, when I was editing the waypoints, my sight has been suddenly attracted by a strange texture at the bottom of a tree! To have checked the map soo many times, I'm sure that texture wasn't there before. In fact, that texture is a kind of "coloured squared area" that acts like an alpha channel on many trees, using the same texture apparently. I tried to "fix" that visual bug by using all the "tricks" that I know but without success... Frown
The curiosity pushed me to check some maps already released they also have the same visual bug! What the...! Angry

Everything was working correctly and fine so far, so why that bug suddenly appeared?!? Oh wait... I've installed the latest "Windows Update", this 13-07-17!!!

My pc:
Windows 8.1 64bits
CPU: Intel Core i3

So, my questions are:
-If you have the same kind of pc and OS, with the same Windows Update of july 2017 (KB4025336), could you tell me if you have the same visual bug on your maps in game? This would confirm that the Windows Update is the culprit...
-Do you have an idea of what could cause that bug (or a fix)? (Brchi? lol Wink )

I could push all the buggy trees into the ground, to hide the corrupted textures under the map but this would add even more work and could create "odd" trees! And it certainly won't fix the other maps...

It's really frustrating because a beta test is planned for this weekend... Shock

Thanks for your help!

Intruder attached the following images:

[544.53 kB]

[552.19 kB]

[522.51 kB]

I remember such kinds of errors.
Did you choose "Textures in video memory"? I think this can cause problems.
Also, did you try without VCStarter? Or with different versions (1.65, 1.7 beta)?
Oh indeed, I forgot to precise that...

I always use the "textures in video memory" and the bug is present in the editor AND the game, with VCStarter 1.7 BETA.

It has always worked correctly till...the Windows update. That's why I'm suspecting a lot it's the culprit of that sudden bug!

Try with "textures in system memory".
Also check your videocard driver, maybe there are some options for textures.

It may have to do with the windows update, but I think it's just kind of a side effect (textures in video memory always randomly caused problems for me, changed system files could influence that).
Edited by Brchi on 15-07-2017 14:30
Aaaargh, I'm loosing my mind with that "pc world"!!!
The bug seems to be now... GONE!!!

After all those tests, checks and askings for help with screenshots and so on... Everything is working normaly again!
I'm not only loosing my time but YOURS also, and this is very annoying and embarrassing for me!

It's the very first time I got such a bug and I still don't know why... Angry
Maybe something went temporarily wrong with my memory?
At least, I hope that with this bad "adventure", people will know that if one day they are facing the same kind of bug, they will have to search on "the memory side"...

By the way, I wrote: I always use the "textures in video memory" but I don't! It's always in "system memory"! Geeez... Doctor, I need my pills! lol

Anyway, this is another prove that the members of this community are ready to help when needed! APPLAUSE

Thank you for your help Brchi...and sorry again! Wink

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Don't worry.
I only know this kind of visual glitch when textures are in video memory, so I'm a bit surprised.
But I'm sure all is good with your maps Wink
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