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View Thread: Blender plugins for Vietcong files
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Blender plugins for Vietcong files
Good morning, Vietnam!

I created simple plugin for Blender (3D computer graphics software, something like 3D Studio Max, but completely free, open source and running on several operating systems) for importing BES files. This plugin is in early stage and can import only 3D objects so far (without textures and other stuff). My testing data set was based on objects from Gonzo's Laboratory, but I plan to extend it to all files from CBF archives (Vietcong game data and user maps).

Current status
-Importing BES files
- vertices/faces
- model hierarchy

Planned features
-Importing BES files:
- textures
- importing other (currently unknown) information from BES
-Exporting BES files
-Object animations?

I did not found any description about BES file, so I had to create some myself. There is still minimal around 10-20% of data in every BES files which are still unknown for me. All I found out about BES file so far is located here (I will keep it updated)

Here is screenshots of some imported files:

The source code and plugin itself can be found on my Github

I have no plans about creating plugins for new versions of 3DS Max, just Blender.

See you VC
Edited by sonic on 15-02-2018 23:32
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
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i dont know what blender do.. but i feel that sonic is truly an artist.
  x 1  x 2
420Ninjutsu wrote:
i dont know what blender do.. but i feel that sonic is truly an artist.

I am not artist, really, I just imported some Gonzo's models.

Blender is just 3D modelling tool - you can create houses, trees etc there.
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
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Confused Master
Those are some really amazing news!
Looks like I soon won't have to run a virtual machine with 3dsmax 8 any longer.
Keep it up mate Smile
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Do you plan to provide this addon to all blender users in this forum ?
Silent Bob
Well, ist public on github as he posted!
Edited by Silent Bob on 12-03-2018 11:06
Yes, this plugin can be downloaded from github (since its in Python, it is also a source code).

But please dont expect too much functionality, right now it is not much useful as it even doesnt support exporting. I extended my tests to BES files from vietcong CBF archives and noticed that some models are not imported correctly. After I fix it, I will tyr to add support for textures and then maybe export.
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
Thanks... I 'm a blender user and not accustomed to 3DSmax ... Would be nice to export models directly from blender ...
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