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View Thread: Blender plugins for Vietcong files
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Blender plugins for Vietcong files
Good morning, Vietnam!

This projects aims to support 3D files used by Vietcong in Blender. Information about the BES format are shared with vc-spec project (specifically the doc/bes.md document). There is still minimal around 10% of data in every BES files which are still unknown for me.

Current status
-Importing BES files (version 0100):
- vertices/faces
- model hierarchy
- materials/textures
- UV mapping

Planned features
-Importing BES files:
- Handle special materials like PteroMat/Bitmap and their textures
- importing other (currently unknown) information from BES
-Exporting BES files

Possible improvements in distant future
-Other BES verions
-Model animations
-Skelet animations

This plugin has been tested on objects made by Gonzo (which are available at Gonzo's Laboratory) and BES files extracted from official CBF archives bundled with Vietcong 1.60 installation.
It is planned to extend these test data to all user made maps.

The source code and plugin itself can be found on Github

Latest version: 0.2.0

Older versions:
- importing vertices/faces of objects from BES files
- preserve model hierarchy from BES files


I have no plans about creating plugins for new versions of 3DS Max, just Blender.

See you VC
Edited by sonic on 05-08-2018 12:56
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-Door Gunner
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i dont know what blender do.. but i feel that sonic is truly an artist.
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420Ninjutsu wrote:
i dont know what blender do.. but i feel that sonic is truly an artist.

I am not artist, really, I just imported some Gonzo's models.

Blender is just 3D modelling tool - you can create houses, trees etc there.
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
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Confused Master
Those are some really amazing news!
Looks like I soon won't have to run a virtual machine with 3dsmax 8 any longer.
Keep it up mate Smile
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Do you plan to provide this addon to all blender users in this forum ?
Silent Bob
Well, ist public on github as he posted!
Edited by Silent Bob on 12-03-2018 11:06
Yes, this plugin can be downloaded from github (since its in Python, it is also a source code).

But please dont expect too much functionality, right now it is not much useful as it even doesnt support exporting. I extended my tests to BES files from vietcong CBF archives and noticed that some models are not imported correctly. After I fix it, I will tyr to add support for textures and then maybe export.
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
Thanks... I 'm a blender user and not accustomed to 3DSmax ... Would be nice to export models directly from blender ...

I am working on Blender plugin again and I think I will release new update soon. But thats not why I am here today. Today I came to ask some questions about 3DS Max and importing/exporting BES files.

First of all, there is no technical problem in importing BES version 1.00 (those created by 3DS Max plugin) meshes into Blender at the moment. The problem is the way I am doing it. On the picture below are two G_Villa models. One was imported from .max file into 3DS max, then converted into .3ds and this 3ds was imported into Blender. The second was imported directly from .bes by my plugin. As you can see (on panel at right side), the .max file has only one mesh (and this mesh has several materials), while .bes file (imported by bes plugin) has several meshes (each associated one material). Let me explain why my plugin works like this. it is because .bes files doesnt contain one big mesh, instead of this its made of several meshes where each mesh has one material (so exactly same way as I imported it into bes). .bes file simply can not have associated more than one material to one mesh. So I suggest 3DS max .bes export plugin solved this by cutting one object into multiple. And 3DS max .bes import plugin is doing just the opposite. Is it the way you like it to be imported, to got one big mesh? I think the way 3DS max is importing bes files is better than my Blender plugin is doing right now and I should fix it.... I didnt notice the difference until today when I tried to import bes file into blender through exporting it into .3ds file first.

The other issue is that while importing .max file into 3DS max imports also information about materials (see second picture), importing .bes file doesnt (third picture - the materials are empty). Am I doing something wrong, or 3DS max .bes plugin really can not import material settings? I think this can be easily done in my blender plugin.


But wait, there are more questions! As I mentioned before, one mesh (or triangle) can has up to 1 material in .bes file. What will happen if you associate more materials to one mesh? Is it possible in 3DS max? It is possible in Blender and I am thinking what to do:
1) ignore all materials except the first one
2) duplicate meshes which have more than one material, so each mesh has exactly one

There are other issues, like that in bes files collisions are associated with material, while in Blender it is special physics properties, or .bes known only several type of textures, while Blender has one special texture, but each material can have unlimited amount of them. I will resolve this later....somehow...maybe

By the way, I found nice tutorial about Blender (for amateurs like me) where I am trying to learn to handle Blender (I have no plans to learn 3DS max, I rely on your help with 3DS max things Smile )

See you in game VC

YouTube Video
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-Door Gunner
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I was wrong, only one material can be associated to mesh in Blender, so this is solved.

By the way, Blender support Python scripting very well, so if there is anything you think could be automatized and is annoying to do in 3DS Max by hand, tell me, I can try to write some additional scripts for Blender ...
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
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Hello everyone,

(first post has been updated)
I have been working on the plugin (after few months break) and I am back with new release - you can download it from Github (note that I moved repository into another project, so url has changed). Most visible update is that plugin now load materials and textures, including the UV mapping. However, work on materials and textures is not finished, I do not distinguish between types of textures (lightmaps, environment maps etc), all imported textures has the same type in Blender at the moment. The same applies to materials - there is no difference between PteroMat and Bitmaps in imported materials. Also texture transparency is somehow broken, as you can see from the screenshot in the first post. This is also thing I want to change in next update - add support for various Ptero materials/textures into Blender (I am not sure how to do that yet) . After that update, I will finally focus on exporting objects back into BES file (there may be one more update in between, I am not sure yet).

For now, I focused only on version 0100 of BES files - that is the version which is exported from 3DS max by original BES plugin (you can not import other versions at the moment). Any feedback is welcome.

Additional info:
-BES contains names of used textures, but not their location. Import script search for those textures in directory where is imported BES file located, but user can add more directories where import plugin will look for BES textures.
-Sometimes texture extension in file system differs with extension from BES file. For that case, user can choose whether import plugin will ignore texture extensions or not. In that case, plugin will search for textures with any supported extension in following order: DDS, TGA, BMP (like PteroEngine does).

You can see these settings on following picture
Edited by sonic on 05-08-2018 13:54
SignatureIf they move, they are VC. If they stay, they are a well trained VC.
-Door Gunner
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