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View Thread: Vietcong Tactics Manual
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Vietcong Tactics Manual
Vietcong Tactics Manual, Part I of III

The Basics

• To play well, you must be aware of your environment. Know every crook and cranny of the map, know where your teammates are, and know where the enemy is. Awareness will keep you alive. After all, it is a jungle out there.
• For CTF, know where the flags are. Not the flagpoles – the FLAGS.
• If you know the map well, use sound to find the other players. Use headphones to exploit the full potential of the sound effects.
• If you look forward only, you may miss something. Remember that you can be shot from the sides and behind, too.
• Tunnel vision = get killed, BAD.
• Peripheral vision = stay alive, GOOD.
• The TAB key tells you how many on each team are alive and who they are. Use this information to decide when to attack, or when not to attack.
• When you die, use the Death-Cam to see where your teammates are on the map. Do this by using left-click or right-click. One server option (seldom used) even lets you see where every enemy player is, too.
• When you die, use the Death-Cam to find out who killed you and where he is. Then go back and kill him. That’ll learn him.
• An on-screen death message is valuable intel. Once you know where your teammates are (Death-Cam), you will also know where the enemy is. Think about it. If one player dies, then there is another player (the one who killed him) still alive out there.
• If it was the enemy who died, then that part of the map is safe to traverse.
• If a teammate died, then that part of the map is not safe.
As you gain experience, it gets easier to memorize your teammates’ names and map locations during a game.
• The decision to kill an enemy should be tactical. Remember that if you kill him, he will re-spawn next to his flag. Do you want him there? It may be better to let him go by and have someone else take him out while you grab the flag. It ain’t about kills, it is about Taking The Flag.

Team Communication

• Teammates must communicate with each other. Clans use voice communication software to achieve this. On public servers, you must type. (sigh)
• Tell your teammates where the enemy is. Just get killed in the cave? SAY SO! If you tell teammates about a threat, they can approach that area with caution.
• If your flag is captured, tell your teammates which direction the flag is escaping. Example: “Flag escaping RIGHT” helps others move to intercept.
• If killed by a sniper, tell your team where the sniper is. If you don’t know, tell them where you were killed. Your teammates can avoid that area until your sniper(s) or radioman can take the sniper out.
• If the enemy is about to grab your flag – warn your teammates. Example: “Flag!” Your team has the advantage if given time to get ready.
• If you see 3-4-5-6 enemy units, all together – tell your teammates. That many enemy players pose a major threat.
• If killed in melee, report the enemy location to your teammates. Not only will this help keep your teammates alive, but it might save you the trouble of going back to do the job yourself.
• Be courteous with your team. Trash-talk the enemy all you want, but congratulate your team on jobs well done. “Catch ‘em doing something good,” so to speak.


• VC/COD2 has the standard keyboard FPS controls: W-A-S-D keys for movement, space to jump and mouse for direction. The SHFT or CTRL keys allow you to crouch or be prone (lie down), respectively. Learn to use crouch and prone as these keys will frequently keep you alive.
• Terrain is important in VC – use the terrain to your advantage. You can hide behind rocks, trees, logs or bushes. Some bushes you can crawl into; some bushes you have to go around. Some rocks or trees you can climb; most you cannot. There are places where you can duck into tunnels or hide under a log in a stream. Therefore, you will have the advantage if you know the terrain. Use cover to make sure that enemy sniper does not spot you.
• Move from cover to cover – until you know the maps better. Soon you’ll know the location of every bush, rock and log. As you gain experience with the maps, you will soon know where you can run in the open and where you should use cover. Don’t forget to use the high ground.
• Unsure of what is ahead? Use your binoculars.
• Remember to “check your six.” That is, look for enemy players behind you or near you. They may be stalking you; they may be hiding in cover. As you gain experience with the maps, you will know where the enemy is most likely to be hiding.
• You run faster with your knife, handgun or grenade than you do with your primary weapon. Useless to chase enemy flag bearer (running with his pistol) if you have your AK-47 out. You won’t catch him (although you might shoot him).
• Tag along with a teammate:
• If a teammate is “going Rambo,” use Rambo as a decoy. Hide while Rambo does his solo melee attack – then, when he dies, kill the now wounded opponent who is reloading.
• Tag along with the player who has the best kill ratio and help him out. Keeping your best player alive is a good thing. And you might learn a few tricks, too. See “Small Squad Strategy” below.
• Use different attack routes and tactics. Try not to be predictable. If your enemy can guess your next move, you’re dead.

Small Squad Strategies

• Playing in a small squad is more fun and very rewarding. Yeah, go ahead and do the solo Rambo thing when you first learn the weapons and the maps. (Everybody does and hey, even Rambos get lucky once in a while.) As you gain experience, the solo Rambo mode gets boring and the challenge is to coordinate with your team. Be all you can be -- play as part of a team!
• The best use for squads is to attack. Group attacks offer several advantages: increased awareness, more firepower, covering fire. Let’s put this in real terms: if you are in a group, there is more chance the enemy will shoot your teammate and not you. The disadvantage is that one grenade, booby-trap or bass-ad sniper can take out your entire squad. Also, if you concentrate your forces in one area of the map, that will leave other parts of the map open for the enemy to exploit. So let a sniper cover that other part of the map while your squad moves to attack.
• Spread out to minimize risk. You do not want one grenade, booby-trap, or sniper to kill everyone. Keep some distance from the person in front of you, but do not loose eye contact. Cover each other. Look forward and remember to “check your six.”
• Communicate. Try to use the built-in in-game commands such as “Forward, go, go, go” and “Hold Position”
• Once ready to attack the target, move fast to achieve maximum surprise and confustion. Attacking in numbers will overwhelm the enemy.
• If you know an enemy squad is coming, form up a counter squad to welcome them. All enemy squads like welcome presents, especially well-placed grenades or traps …

The Dance of Death (Melee Tactics)

• DO NOT let him shoot you; here’s how.
• When “dancing” with someone, do not stand still -- be unpredictable. You will die if they can guess your next move. Be erratic: jump, crouch, move, slide left, go prone, or dodge behind a tree or rock. And when you finally get your shot – KILL HIM!
• Even if you think you got enough shots into him, game lag and your gun’s spread pattern mean that you cannot always be sure of a kill. Keep shooting until you see him go down. Always be sure.
• Against newer players, the easiest melee tactic is to just sidestep. The new player stands still and cannot see that you have moved because of his muzzle flash. Move sideways, strafe, aim for the head -- and you’ve got him. As you get better, you will add moves like crouch, prone, or hopping.
• Fire in short bursts to conserve ammo. If you run out of ammo, you end up dead 99% of the time. Wait for HIM to run out of ammo.
• Out of bullets? Remember that you have a pistol and a knife.
• Bunny hopping exists and remains controversial. For now, bunny hopping is still in the game and remains an excellent way to avoid being shot in close combat or by snipers. [Note: To address the bunny-hopping problem, a future patch may introduce a three-jump limit, and keep you from shooting while you jump. nb v1.60 has addressed this issue...ed]
• If you choose to run away, do not run in a straight line. Use your left and right sidestep while you run to zigzag. This makes you harder to hit, especially since he cannot see thru his muzzle flash.

Ambush Tactics

• Hide. Hide by bushes, rocks or trees. You can get inside some bushes. You can hide up on ledges or rocks. There are tree limbs to climb. Advanced players know several hiding places under water.
• Let the enemy run by you – and shoot him in the back. It’s an easy kill. It is also a good stealth tactic for you to stay in hiding so you are not seen on the death cam. If they cannot find you, they cannot come back and kill you.
• Try to find a good location: camp there, defend your spot, and practice holding that position. If you are camp the right location then you disrupt the enemy’s game. By doing this, when things get tough, then you have a safe spot to hole up. When you perfect that spot in the map, try another and continue until you have a few sweet spots. You will know the map just that much better.
• Lean around corners, walls, and cover to get the drop on someone. If you have enemies running out in the open (for instance, going for your team’s flag), peeking out with just your head lets you aim while keeping most of yourself relatively covered. You present the enemy with a very tiny target. And you can always duck back to reload, which gives them no target to fire at. It’s all good.

Assault Strategies

• If you aim at a guy and a NAME comes up, Don’t Shoot! The name means he is on your team.
• As you move along your attack route, use grenades to clear out the chokepoints. Chokepoints are narrow areas where you might catch an enemy who waits in ambush. If you are moving in a small group, everyone throws one grenade … the result is that several grenades land on one chokepoint. Thus, you clear the chokepoint quickly and your group can move on.
• Move in squads. See “Small Squad Strategy” above.
• Use one attack route for most of your squads. Your enemy has spread his defenses, while your team attacks along one route only. Eventually, your sheer numbers will overwhelm the enemy positions. Oh, do not limit yourself to one route for the whole game, just until it is time to change the attack route. Mix attack routes up to keep the enemy confused. But keep hitting one spot to open it up.
• Slowly push the enemy back into his base. Accomplish this by using snipers, machine gunners and map position to your advantage. Keep your team re-supplied with ammo. Take your time; it is important that the enemy does not get by you. Then when you have them pinned down inside their base … Air Strike! Ka-Boommmmmm!
• Do not stage, i. e. gather a group, for a flag attack at your flagpole. That is just too far back; you will lose too many people on the way over. Use a more forward staging area; the ones who get there are alive and ready to go.
• Do not shoot off your weapon unless you are firing at a legitimate target. Not only will the enemy know your location but teammates may leave their position to come help you.
Vietcong Tactics Manua, Part II of III

Protect the Flag Runner

• Protect your flag runner. Follow the flag runner out of the enemy base. Stay on his back and take his bullet to keep him from being killed. Start shooting up the enemy base. Make the enemy deal with you while your flag runner escapes.
• Protect your flag runner: If your flag carrier is headed at you, TURN AROUND and provide escort. Help your team score. You can wait to get into position to grab the flag another time. The flag carrier is the most important thing in CTF.
• Your flag carrier can get shot and drop the flag. Know where the flag carrier is and if he dies, go get that flag! You can use the Death Cam to see your flag carrier.
• If you’re running solo w/flag and you are taken out, tell your team where you dropped the flag. This allows a teammate to pick up the flag in time.
• Helpful to know the flag runner’s route back to base. If flag runner can’t tell his team this, then you do it. Important to protect the flag runner and have everyone informed. They can’t protect the flag runner if they do not know where he is.

Take the Enemy Flag

• Air strikes can clear out enemy flag campers.
• Coordinated flag attacks: air strike the flag defenders, then move in with large numbers. Some clans designate one flag grabber while everyone else creates confusion. The more confusion you create, the greater the chance the flag will make it out of the enemy base.
• Teammates who did not get in position for the flag attack should move to cover the flag’s return. If you die, then move to cover the flag’s return or protect your flag so that your team can score.

Flag Defence

• Defenders are not limited to camping the flag. Defenders should periodically sweep the camp. Push out your perimeter and use re-spawn to your advantage. If you get killed, you know where they are; you will re-spawn in time to go after them.
• Spawnkilling: If you manage to get out of your spawn alive, do these two things:
notify your teammates that the enemy is in your base, and
Make sure your base is clear before you leave. Abandoning your teammates to be spawn-killed is selfish. Dead teammates are not useful.
• Keep at least one person on Flag Defense, i. e. camping. Use re-spawns for back-up.
• The best defense is a good offense. Hard for to the enemy to grab your flag when they spend all their time re-spawning.
• If your flag is captured, move to stop the flag carrier.

About Snipers

• Snipers are best used on approach routes and should not camp the flag. Use fighters and soldiers to guard the flag. Use your snipers to control the map.
• Support your snipers. Suppose your sniper controls one side of the map but is exposed on one flank – then protect his flank. Give him ammo so he can keep suppressing the enemy. Warn snipers of any enemy approach.
• Class balance: if you have 5 snipers on a team of 10 players, choose fighter. Snipers are good but you also need runners to bring the enemy flag home. A team with enough runners can and will overpower the snipers. It’s that simple. There aren’t enough well protected spots on a map for a sniper in large games. It takes a sniper a while to find the spot, acquire his targets, etc. Meanwhile, fighters are off and killing from the word go. Don’t be selfish and play your game—play to help your team.

Coop Strategy

See “Small Squad Strategy” Use covering fire: fire from a frontal position on a known enemy location. This frees up other team elements to advance on the flanks with less resistance. If you fire on them the VC usually keep their heads down. This tactic can be used to great effect on most of the coop maps. Machine gunners can fire for effect, i. e. , provide covering fire, while other players go for the kill.

Deathmatch (DM) Strategy

Know the map inside and out, including all weapon locations. Camping will keep you alive but will not give you enough frags to win the game. Use the sound of gunfire to locate your enemy. Move around and kill the other players. Use stealth; be a “twitch” player.

As you gain DM experience, you will soon have the uncanny ability to predict where your opponents are on the map. The very best Deathmatch players have this level of game awareness. They keep on the move constantly, moving from kill to kill because they know where everyone is on the map. I’ve seen players who are this good and it is awesome to watch.

Last Man Standing (LMS) Strategy

In LMS you must be the last person alive in the map, once you are shot you do not respawn until the next game. The idea is to become the king of the jungle (the last man standing in one round) and hold that crown for as long as possible. You will receive a machine gun upon being the last man standing. You must stay alive at all costs. Know the map inside and out, including all weapon locations. Camping will keep you alive but you will most likely have to come out and at least kill the last person Use the sound of gunfire to locate your enemy. Move around and kill the other players. Use stealth; be a “twitch” player.

As you gain LMS experience, you will soon have the uncanny ability to predict where your opponents are on the map. The very best Deathmatch players have this level of game awareness. They keep on the move constantly, moving from kill to kill because they know where everyone is on the map. I’ve seen players who are this good and it is awesome to watch. Remember, if you choose USA you get the colt handgun and an m60 if you become the king. If you choose VC you get the tokarev handgun and a degtarev if you become king. Choose your teams based on your preference on these two weapons.


The engineer/sapper is the most difficult class to play well; the ability to set traps carries with it great responsibility. The trick to setting traps is to trap the attack/escape routes used by the enemy while avoiding the routes used by your teammates. Lemon offers a tongue-in-cheek view, “Traps set by you are traps for the enemy, but they're nothing more than IQ tests for your teammates.” The bottom line is that you want to kill the enemy, not your teammates. You also do not want to block a route used by a teammate.

The flag is the most common trap location. Make this trap as small as possible to avoid being seen. The enemy will rush the flag and get blown to bits. Let your teammates know this trap is there because they will need to avoid it to score. Scoring can occur by jumping over this trap or by just getting near the flag.
Every game is different as to where to place your traps. You must attack for a while to find out which routes are being used. Where are the enemy snipers? What bush does a particular enemy like to hide behind? Once you know, then trap it every time you go by.

Hide your traps. Try not to leave your trap out in the open where it is easily seen. If you can’t hide it completely like inside vegetation – try to hide the grenade end. You can hide the grenade end behind a rock or bush. If the enemy sees only one end of a trap, they may ignore it. Hehe.

It is your job as engineer to support your snipers. Go to them before they have to call you for more ammo. Under no circumstances are you to make snipers come to you.


• Aim for the head or neck. Go for the kill.
• Snipers are best used to take out the enemy approach routes while protecting your team’s attackers. Snipers should not be used to protect the flag.
• Kills are good but sometimes a “near miss” is just as effective.
• Teams need two (2) snipers max. More than that and you are wasting manpower that should be used to grab the flag.
• When the game starts, snipers should run with their pistol and get their position quickly.
• Snipers are vulnerable to flank attacks. Know your surroundings and “check your six,” often. Use headphones and listen for footsteps. For close-in defense, be able to quickly switch to pistol or knife, or turn and “shoot from the hip” with your rifle.
• The best snipers are equally proficient with sniper rifle, pistol or knife. The best snipers can hit moving targets.
• If you acquire your target with the binoculars, then you are sighted onto that target when you switch back to your weapon.
• Know that sniper rifles make distinctive sounds that can be used to locate your position.
• Stay in cover and move only when safe.
• If“Black Death” is off, adjust your tactics so that you do not have to move after every shot. For example, shoot enemy in the back then go back into cover. He can’t come get you if he does not know where you are.
• M1 Garand allows you to shoot continuously until 8-bullet clip runs out; Winchester 70 has five shots and you have to work the bolt after each shot.
• SVD Dragunov allows you to shoot continuously until 10-bullet clip runs out; Mosin-Nagant has 5 shots and you have to work the bolt after each shot.
• Offensive tactic: Advance with a teammate and act as a far-range-support. Your teammate backs you up in close range while you engage anybody in far range. This does not mean your back-up is right next to you. For you to stay hidden, he must be some distance away. But he can cover you without being right next to you.
• One shot, one kill not working?There is debate about the physics model used in the game. At long distances, the downward arc of the bullet trajectory may cause your head shot to turn into a chest shot. Investigate for yourself and you will become a better sniper.

Bing’s Sniper Strategy:
• Works on all maps.
• What I do is this. . . you wish you had thought of it yourself when I tell you.
• I get the sniper rifle doesn't matter which side it works for both the US and VC sides.
• Then I sit somewhere real sneaky, like looking through a tiny gap. I like to keep a narrow field of view so as not to be distracted by the movement of all the other players.
• Once in the sneaky position I wait. . . . .
• When one of the enemy grabs the flag I quickly raise my scope and try and find him and then I shoot him as he tries to take it back to his flag area.
• It doesn't always work but in one game I got 2 in a hour.
• The enemy must of really thought I was a threat because they snuck up behind me and killed me about 33 times in that same hour. Obviously any team devoting that much attention to me must of known how good my Sneaky Flag Carrier killing Strategy works.
• Next week I am gong to refine my Radioman strategy of bombing my own base to kill the enemy Flag carrier as he goes to grab it or runs off. It will take a bit of practice to get the timing right but feel like I am on a roll.
• See yah around happy Campers.
Vietcong Tactics Manual, Part III of III


• Warn teammates where and when the AS is coming. Example:“AS on enemy flag in 20 seconds. ”
• Radio persons should coordinate air strikes with their team. Call out the time until AS will be available (i. e. "45 seconds to next AS). A teammate may tell you where a sniper is and wait for you to kill him if he knows an air strike is available.
• Support flag attacks. Nothing beats a coordinated strike on a base, softening up resistance before a coordinated assault on a flag. Radiomen MUST specify where the strike will be and when it will be. Do not say "AS US base," say "AS back right of flag, 15 seconds.” That way people can move into position and not get killed by your air strike. Keep your teammates alive.
• Terrain descriptions work best. “AS on the US sniper rock, 15 seconds,” is much better than “AS on 24,19 in 15 seconds.” Only 3% of Vietcong players have memorized the map coordinates for every map. Have you SEEN that written test that you have to pass just to be considered for TheEdge?
• Two simultaneous air strikes are best, as they will smother the entire enemy flag area. To accomplish this, one person should type “Call now,” having both previously decided where to strike. Then both radiomen call it in. Ka-boooooooom!


• A versatile player class. Soldiers/fighters can grab the flag, defend the flag, worry an enemy position, assault an enemy position, protect their snipers, or hide in ambush. Oh yeah, soldiers/fighters can also just run around and shoot people.
• Use cover. Kneel behind logs and rocks. When you aim, your sight will rise above it. Fire some shots and then drop back behind cover. You will stay alive longer if you do not give away your position.
• Use your lean keys to poke out - shoot and go back into cover behind that tree or rock.
• Make sure that you reload after an enemy encounter.
• Snipers are your worst enemy. The following are good anti-sniper techniques:
• The sniper can see you for sure, so stay low behind cover. Wait for your opportunity. Do not let the sniper get that second shot.
• Take the sniper out: If you cannot shoot him, then out flank the sniper, grenade the sniper, or tell your radioman where he is.
• Soldiers/fighters should be used to protect the flag. This frees up snipers to do what they do best, cover the approach routes to control the map.

General Weapons

• In Vietcong, aiming has been raised to a new standard. This is one of the few games where you really have to work to aim properly. To aim a weapon in Vietcong, you press the right mouse button and then shoot with the left mouse button. Use of the right mouse button makes your aiming more accurate. You will be able to hit what you want to hit. Next you must learn to aim quickly, which is considerably harder! To simulate realism, Vietcong will not let you aim while running. If you run and try to aim, you will begin to walk. Ever tried looking through an iron sight whilst running? Aiming is necessary with all guns but the Machineguns (M60 and Degtarev).
• Cool in-game feature: when you are hidden behind something, and then use the aim button you will peep over the thing you are hiding behind!Release the aim button, and you will drop back down behind cover. Use this feature; it will save your life more then once.
• Head is a more critical hit then the body, body is more critical then the arms/legs. Find a weapon on each side you are comfortable with and use them a lot - I'm convinced that you can learn to be effective with any weapon in the game if you spend enough time with it.

VC Weapons

The AK47 is a formidable weapon but with a great recoil. Like the M-16, it is accurate over long distances. There is debate as to whether the M-16 or AK-47 is now more powerful. In earlier Vietcong patches, the AK-47 killed with 3 chest shots while the M-16 killed with 4 chest shots. It remains unclear whether this difference still exists.
The AK-47 has much greater recoil than the M-16. To successfully use the AK-47, you must learn to compensate for this recoil. Spraying the AK-47 while on full-auto is just wasting ammo as your aim immediately goes off. For this reason, the AK-47 is best used on single-shot. Some players will fire the AK-47 in short bursts of 3 shots only. With practice, the AK-47 on single shot is good enough to kill with headshots as a medium range sniper gun.

VC Dragunov
The Dragunov is the best sniper rifle in the game. It is highly developed and is more powerful than the Garand. The Dragunov uses a 10-bullet clip; you only reload after it runs out. If you are a reasonably skilled sniper, the Dragunov enables you to shoot multiple targets quickly. This makes the Dragunov useful for killing moving targets. Sure, it may take more bullets than when the targets are standing still, but practice makes perfect. Practice with this gun and you should be able to get a 3:1 kill ratio. Keep in mind that the Dragunov makes a very loud, distinctive sound that the enemy will use to find your location.

Most commonly used by sappers and medics. This gun is the VC equivalent to the Thompson, but there are differences. Each clip holds 35 bullets which is an advantage during those close encounters when both of you are jumping around like bunnies trying to shoot each other. Often, you can kill an enemy because he must stop shooting to reload his weapon. The recoil is considerably less than the Thompson; you might say there is no recoil because there is so little as compared to the other weapons. At a distance the accuracy is not as good as the Thompson. However, with 35 bullets you can get away with being slightly less accurate. Not to be used as a long-range weapon.

Allied Weapons

US M16
The M16 is definitely the most accurate assault weapon in Vietcong, with less recoil than the AK-47. You can use recoil to your advantage. For maximum effect, start firing the M16 at the torso. Recoil will move your gun up and eventually reach the head. This shooting technique will ensure a kill. Big disadvantage: only 18 bullets per clip, this was done to stop the gun from jamming. The M-16 has 18 bullets; the AK-47 has 28 bullets, so aim accurately when you are up against an AK47.

US Thompson
The Thompson is a standard US gun: the preferred weapon to use when you play as medic, radioman, or engineer. The great thing about the Thompson is that once you get used to it, it is almost as accurate and powerful as the M16 and it has a bigger clip (30 bullets), which compensates for poor aim while spraying. Do not waste time on Thompson set to single shot. It is not accurate enough to score good kills with it.

US M1 Garand
The M1 Garand is the highly favored gun for US snipers. It has an easy-to-use scope that makes it very easy to kill with one headshot. The Garand uses an 8-bullet clip; you only reload after it runs out. However, the Garand reloads slower than the VC Dragunov sniper rifle so adapt because it ain’t the same. Keep in mind that the Garand makes a distinctive sound which will the enemy will use to find your location.

• Use pistols to get somewhere fast. It is just as fast as a knife but more deadly.
• The best handguns are the ones snipers get.
• Practice makes perfect. Learn to make headshots.

The following tips were blatantly stolen from Niklas Lagerborg a. k. a. eCo, who posted a terrific knifing guide on the Swedeland web site. Space considerations do not allow me to show eCo’s entire knifing guide here.

• Go against a gun! What are you, nuts?
• Run away. It’s a GUN. Zigzag or do whatever it takes to stay alive.
• If you must attack, sometimes rushing at a gun while jumping will make enough shots miss to keep you alive so that you live long enough to kill him.
• If he has to re-load, then you got him!
• Worried about knifing that sniper?Remember that non-scoped snipers must work the bolt after every shot.
• If all else fails, use the bunny-hop
• Don’t try this at home. And don’t try to attack a machine gun. You will die.
• Against another knife, the best strategy is to attack.
• Run directly at enemy, then at the last instant move to the side (dodge) for a few quick thrusts.
• Crouching may help dodge a thrust but usually you want to stay upright because of the greater mobility.
• It’s all good to jump at your opponent
• Makes you are harder to hit,
• If he hits, he most likely will hit your legs, and
• If you hit, you hit him in the head = instant kill.
• Ambush tips
• Hide in a random bush that lets you take off after him. Just make sure that he does not have a teammate following him.
• Hide underwater. Use AIM button to peek and/or get air. Make sure that you are completely underwater. Game engine quirk lets you hear nearby footsteps.
• Play dead. Drop your primary weapon if necessary. Enemy who sees your gun on the ground is more likely to think you are dead.
• Drop down from above. Best to drop behind him. Take care that you do not fall too much or you will kill yourself. It is downright embarrassing to die like that – NOT that I have ever done that, of course.
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