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View Thread: Russian Single-Player Walk-Thru
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Russian Single-Player Walk-Thru
Russian Single-Player Walk-Thru (translated) Part I of II

MISSION 1 - The Medical Patrol (Medic Patrol)
Before the mission begins, you are given several tasks, and then you are told to get into the jeep. Thus, this mission begins in the jeep with the medic and the captain. When the jeep arrives at the rural village, press ENTER to get out from it, and follow the captain to the village elder. As soon as this conversation ends, one of the villagers, walking along the street, is killed by sniper. Quickly take cover behind the building, and then run with the captain, who hid in the shelter together with the medical orderly.

Under the cover of both the captain and the medical orderly, run as far as the logs, and from there move on down to the enormous boulder. While the medic covers you, run along the hill, taking cover behind the stones. Move up, and kill the sniper, who hides behind the log. Turn to the right and go down along the hidden path. After going around mountain, run to the fallen log and take cover behind it. Kill the enemy soldiers, either by throwing a grenade from cover or by shooting them with your rifle. If you are wounded, then approach the medic, press ENTER, and he will cure you. When the enemy are dead, return to the village. Talk to the captain and that completes the mission.

MISSION 2 - Three Canyons
Debarkation (Insertion)
You and your team are inserted into the jungle by helicopter. Move to the northeast, verify your route with the indicated map route (key M and the right button of mouse, red line - your route). Move along the canyon to the huge tree with spidery roots. Look down at the ground to find the hidden trap. Kneel and slowly approach the grenade near the roots, use the ENTER key to disarm the trap. After moving a bit forward, you encounter one additional trap. Stay low, crawl up to it and disarm it. Or can it was earlier at this time - this as it will transport, the Vietnamese will attack on you. Kill them and search their bodies, in one you will find a letter, in another some records. Further along the canyon move after the pointman, who alertly walks in front of you, avoiding several traps. Using the map, follow along the outlined route until the radio icon appears. Find the radio operator and use his radio to communicate directly with headquarters.

Ho's Track Sewed The Mine (Ho Chi Minh's Trail)
Look in the gorge, you will see a group of Vietnamese below, moving to the southeast. Eliminate them and run forward to the crossed trees. There is a hidden trap stretched below them. Kneel down and disarm the trap. Moving to the left, you will find a weapons cache. Get on the radio and talk to headquarters. After blowing up the cache, go back the way you came. After descending in the gorge, move in the direction of the Vietnamese you already shot. After reaching the stony region, be careful. Several Vietnamese hide behind one of the boulders. After going a bit further, look up to see a suspension bridge. As quickly as possible, eliminate the Vietnamese, who throws grenades down at you. At the exit from the gorge, use the radio to get further instructions. Along the path ascend to the left side of gorge and follow it back towards the bridge. Before the bridge entrance, eliminate two Vietnamese. After moving across the bridge, you run to the cliff rock and turn right. Shoot the pair of Vietnamese, who hide in the bushes, and search their corpses.

It Drove On For Charlie (Keep Running Charlie)
Step to the timbered bridge and look to the right. You see a Vietnamese platoon, walking along the river bed. Shoot the Vietnamese from where you are; you want to kill as many as possible. The remaining enemy soldiers will spread out along the entire river bed, waiting for you. Do not keep them waiting long. Go down, and along the riverbed, kill all the Vietnamese. Do not forget to search their bodies for any important papers. When it becomes impossible to continue along the river, move on into the jungle and follow the map route. Three additional Vietnamese ambushers will present resistance, but if you act quickly, you can destroy them without any special problem. Take the mountain paths and cross the hinged bridges, you should choose the third canyon.

Tunnel Rat (Tunnel Rat)
You start in the main tunnel opening, you have a flashlight (key L) and your silenced pistol at the ready. After passing past the first living quarters, do not move too fast to the next one. Under the feet you see a trap stretched along the floor, disarm it. In the living quarters you find a grenade cache. Leave the living quarters, move directly to the right. After reaching the tunnel fork, eliminate the pair of Vietnamese and take the right tunnel with the half-wrecked arch. After reaching the hatchway, open it and go down. Follow along to the end of the tunnel, you will be in living quarters with hole in the floor. Go down the hole and on the communications move until you see a ladder - your way to the surface.

Arroyo (Arroyo)
After completing the tunnel, you are now in the jungle. Eliminate two wandering Vietnamese and pick up a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle. Now you must move along the canyon and destroy a large number of the enemy. Major issue – there is no one to heal you, you have no medic; so conserve your health. Follow along the canyon until you reach the end itself. You see a window to a bunker, but you do not know how to get into it. Now use the portable radio to get the necessary information from headquarters. Unroll and you will pass to that place, near which stands the sign (sticks arranged as a tent). Near this sign in the cliff there is a passage into another tunnel. Enter it and advance.

Underground City (Underground City)
This is one of the most intricate levels. Move directly on the tunnel, in one of the living quarters eliminate two Vietnamese. One of the dead has a first-aid kit; this allows you to restore your health. After reaching the tunnel fork, go left, and you will reach the kitchen. Move along to the opposite exit, kneel and move left into the dinner hall. After fighting with the Vietnamese soldiers, try to use your radio to talk to headquarters but it doesn’t work here for some reason. Go along toward another exit and move along the tunnel, along the way are Vietnamese searchers, hiding in the cave passages. After moving forward, go right, directly and again to the right. After reaching the tunnel fork, turn right and follow along to the room with school desks. Move along through the room to the opposite exit. After you get to the tunnel fork, go right, then follow directly and again to the right. From the living quarters roll up to the left and follow directly along the tunnel. The rest of the way is similar: on the tunnel fork turn to the right, then directly, to the right and again to the right. If you not gone astray, you will be in a room with stacked boards. Move to the opposite exit, then directly on the tunnel. On the tunnel fork roll up to the right, on the following tunnel fork -- to the left. After passing the tunnel with the half-wrecked arch, you will be in the underground prison. After your skirmish with the guards, go up the ladder. Above, run to the distant exit in the right side of the room. After passing a little forward, you see in the floor the hatchway. After opening it, jump down and continue to move along the tunnel. AT the tunnel fork turn to the right. Moving along, you at long last will find a way out of the tunnels.

Bana Ke River (Khe Bana River)
You exit to the bank of river. Use the portable radio to get the helicopter to evacuate you. But, since the helicopter cannot find a place to land, you must find another method of evacuation. Move to the southeast to the river. Kill two Vietnamese and talk to your base on the radio. Follow along the river to the point Delta; it is shown on the map. The Vietnamese will attack you all along your route. After reaching the bridge, cross to the other shore and you will pass to the right to the village huts. The villagers must have been ordered to leave quickly as it is evident that they left behind many of their things. Get on the radio to get additional information from your base and move directly along the river. The Vietnamese will harass your efforts to move. When you reach a dead-end, move to the opposite shore and you will pass along the river. Now enter the waiting boat with the soldiers and man the machine gun. Now it is up to you to use the mounted machine gun to make it out alive and keep from being killed by the Vietnamese in this hot zone. This is a difficult part of the mission. A hint: keep track of your ammunition, you do not want to use it up too quickly.

MISSION 5 - Daddy Oscar Viski (Papa Oscar Whiskey)
Swamp (Swamped)
You are inserted on the swamp. Your task – to make your way to point Baker. Talk with your pointman, Nhut so that he will guide you. When you reach the hut in the swamp, use the radio to talk to headquarters; inspect the house. Then get Nhut to take you further. Along your path you will find many Vietnamese, and you will encounter a larger Vietnamese force once you leave the swamp and hit land. Do not use your flashlight, you will just get killed, even though it is very dark. Command your team instead, and this battle will go much better. Now use the radio to talk to headquarters and follow after the Nhut.

Pope Oscar Viskya (Papa Oscar Whiskey)
You will receive orders and then get your pointman Nhut to accompany you into the point LZ. you follow after it. When you reach this point, you and Nhut must kill the two Vietnamese sentries, using only a silenced pistol. After you scout the enemy location and talk to headquarters on the radio, you will go down into the village. You must use maximum caution. If you make the slightest sound, they will kill the prisoner whom you are to save. Use only a silenced pistol to kill the Vietnamese, and do not assault the Vietnamese resting near the bonfire. The prisoner himself is held in a cell east of Vietnamese bonfire. Reach it and free the prisoner. To get Bronson to blow the hut, (look on the cell press ENTER) and escape to the West, to your team. When Bronson blows up the hut, get on the radio with the base to call for the helicopter evacuation. Return to the LZ above the village with your team and the rescued POW, and wait for the helicopter to arrive.

MISSION 6 - The Cleaning (Brush and Sweep)
On the map follow to the line of command Snake One. Together with them retain this line, destroying the attacking Vietnamese. When the matter wakes made, be connected with the base and you speak to the Snake One commander. Your orders are to search between Snake One and Snake Three, destroying all Vietnamese that you meet. It is highly recommended that you use your pointman, Nhut to go in front, and you and your team follow your pointman. As you move along the road, the radio icon will appear every so often. This means that you need to talk to headquarters. Thus, your task is clear - search for and kill all the Vietnamese. When you clear the area, the mission ends.

MISSION 7 - the elusive truck
Twisting Track (Twisty Track Drive)
Finally we get to drive the jeep in this mission. Drive along the road and listen to the radio conversation between headquarters and the outpost. When you eat to the road, covered with stones, you are there and it is time for action.

Base (Outpost)
Move forward and destroy Vietnamese. At the right time, you will speak with headquarters on the radio. They order you to destroy the three enemy mortar teams, who are harassing the Outpost. Move quickly to the river (you can follow Nhut to reach it), there you will find the first mortar team. Kill them and move along the river, where you will find the remaining two stationary mortar teams. You must act quickly otherwise the base outpost will be destroyed. Once you destroy all three mortar teams, talk to the Outpost on the radio, and then move to the Outpost, destroying Vietnamese who are attacking from all sides. After arriving at the base, jump into the trenches. Together with the forces already there, kill the last attacking forces of narrow-eyed enemies.
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Russian Single-Player Walk-Thru (translated) Part II of II

MISSION 8 - The Radio Station (Radio Relay)
An enormous Vietnamese force attacks the radio relay. Your task – replace the present defenders, which have already repulsed several attacks and to take over their defensive positions. You begin this mission in the helicopter, manning the machine gun. Fire down at the Vietnamese until the helicopter lands. When the first group flies away on the helicopter, you are left in a meat grinder. You must not let the Vietnamese capture the radio and you must not lose anyone in your group. The attack lasts a long time; therefore you must make sure to have sufficient ammunition at all times and to get healed by your medic. During this mission, you will occasionally talk to headquarters on your radio. When the attacking waves of Vietnamese end, headquarters will send a helicopter to you. As soon as it lands, assemble your team and leave immediately.

MISSION 9 - On Tlong Punish (Po Tlong Karai)
Emergency in the Jungle (Crash in the Jungle)
On a flight to Tlong To Karayu, the Vietnamese shoot your helicopter down, and you crash in the jungle. From the crash site location, the radio cannot reach headquarters, therefore you and your team are on your own to make to the hill. Order your pointman Nhut to take your team to the hill, and follow them. Somewhere along the way, a Vietnamese force will resist you. Destroy them and quietly continue to follow Nhut to intended destination. Reach the hill, and you can again use the radio to talk to headquarters..

Assault of the Height (Seizing the Hill)
Your orders are to storm the hill, which has a large Vietnamese force. But first, you must locate the missing Bravo and Alpha teams. Follow your pointman Nhut to the north, to the hilltop, and soon you will find Alpha team. Speak with the Alpha team leader and talk to headquarters on the radio. Continue to the hilltop, but already together with Alpha team, it is more precise than the certain of him partly. Soon you will find the second force, Bravo, which sustained significant losses. Get on the radio with headquarters so that they will provide reinforcement as you seize the hilltop. Meanwhile, continue toward the hilltop, destroying all Vietnamese. When you get reinforcement, attack the hilltop in full force. You will successfully execute your orders. When the force of Vietnamese is attrited, proceed along the cliff to the West. There there is a tunnel entrance. Radio headquarters and you will be ordered into this tunnel. Advance into the tunnel complex, destroying the residual forces of Vietnamese.

Ruins On Tlong Punish (Flight to the Po Tlong Karai)
After exiting the tunnel, near a hill top, you see some run-down ruins on Tlong. You only have your medical orderly and radio operator. Radio in to headquarters to give a situation report. After this conversation, your medic remains near the tunnel entrance, and your radioman stays with you. You must move up the trench and kill the Vietnamese. When you reach the artillery gun, attach the C4 explosive and continue to move forward. After reaching the ruins, radio in to headquarters to get your new orders. Go around the building, near which you now are located, from the right side and you will find a large underground entrance. Enter this underground passage and finish off the two Vietnamese. Move to the left and reach the underground room, with the prisoners of war. Rapidly kill one slanting-eye, otherwise it the same will have time it made with the prisoner of war.

Continue it moved on the underground passage, and you will reach the internal court, where there are about four Vietnamese. You will be examined with them and follow along to the right to the exit. Another Vietnamese team headed by officer waits for you there. You will substitute to it preventive attack (strike to its anticipatory blow) and search the corpse of the officer, in pockets of whom you will find very interesting tactical map. Move to the left to the artillery installation, where you will find an exit into the catacombs. Place the C4 explosive near the artillery gun. Now find the radio operator and talk to headquarters.

Landslide (Cave-In)
You must now enter the catacombs, where there are many Vietnamese. You have your flashlight and move forward along the corridor. Look into the first room, where one Vietnamese lurks. Eliminate him and move along the corridor further. Go down the ladder, and the ceiling crumbles behind you. Now there is no turning back. Quickly dart into the room to the left, and you will from there pass to the right, into another room. The Vietnamese use this as a small weapons storage room. Select a weapon and return to the corridor. Kill Vietnamese, and advance into the room with the well. Get on the radio with headquarters and go down the well. Move up the tunnel to the large room, where a simply indecent quantity of enemies wait for you. In this room you find another tunnel entrance. Move into it, and then take the left tunnel fork. Going forward, you will fall through into the labyrinth of tunnels, after losing your main weapon. Your paramount task – to get out of the tunnels. Move along the following route: to the left, to the left, to the right, to the left, to the left, to the right and again to the right. Swim on the flooded tunnel and then you will pass right and left.

Escape Yourself and Begi (Evade and Escape)
Move along the tunnel, then to the right. After reaching the tunnel fork, go right, into the living quarters with the one Vietnamese. Quietly kill him, take his automatic weapon and return back the way you came to the tunnel fork. Move left and then again to the left. At long last, you will find the tunnel exit. Take the upward path; do not forget to turn off the flashlight. You are in the village. You must make a silent escape from the village. Move along to the south, from the right side of village, and then to the east. Along the way, kill several Vietnamese with the silenced pistol. Continue to the east until the radio icon appears. Get on the radio with headquarters, tell them you are alive, and also tell them about your location, where happens your evacuation. Continue to move to the east, but be extremely careful, many Vietnamese hide in the thick jungle thickets. Therefore move quietly east to the lake. Cross the lake; also following to the east and, after all, you they must it reached the ruins Of Pkhan of Wounds you will pass to the center Of Pkhan of Wounds, and even better you can take cover in the destroyed house. Get on the radio with headquarters to report your arrival to the evacuation rezendevous, and wait for the helicopter, firing back at the attacking Vietnamese. When helicopter lands for you, and Vietnamese stop firing at you, get in the helicopter and fly away.

MISSION 10 - The Village Of bakhnar (Bahnar Village)

Flow (Stream)
You make a landing on the helicopter. Get on the radio with headquarters to report your arrival. Order Nhut to take point along the riverbed. After passing a little forward, you find a trap, and later, a second trap. Disarm them so that your team can quietly pass further. From time to time, you must get on the radio with headquarters to report your situation. Going further along the riverbed, you will meet three groups of Vietnamese. Killing them is no problem. When you reach the fallen trees, which prevents further advance, order Nhut so that he would find another way. Follow Nhut, and later get on the radio with headquarters..

Near the Village Of Bakhnar (Near Bahnar)
You must follow Nhut to the north, keeping in constant contact with him to stay on course. After approaching the stones, kneel down and look along the sides. You see a boob-trap between the stones. Disarm the trap and continue. After passing above the fallen tree, get on the radio with headquarters for further instructions. As your team advances, you meet several Vietnamese. Kill them and you will pass somewhat forward. Disarm a booby-trap in your path.. Moving further, you will find a group of Vietnamese to fight. They have a very nice ambush location, covered with wind-fallen wood and stones. Passing this place, your group is at the edge in immediate proximity of the village Of bakhnar. Get on the radio to report this to headquarters.

Village Of Bakhnar (Bahnar Village)
After going around large tree from the left side, move to the southwest, in the direction of village. It is a bad time for it to start raining as this does not add optimism in the successful completion of the mission. From the mountain, the village is sad sight to see. The burning houses and the dead corpses let you know that you are too late. After hearing shots from the nearest thicket, you go down to the stream. Get on the radio with headquarters. You report about the situation in the village and ask for air support, but you they refues your request. Turn to the right and follow along the stream, by-passing to the rear of the enemy. After you reach the forest, go up and surprise the enemy. After heavy fighting, you will report to headquarters about the successful completion of operation and be told of the evacuation rezendevous – a designated circle on the map. After arriving in the place, indicate on the portable radio your coordinates to the pilot of helicopter. When the helicopter lands, get in and fly away to the base.

MISSION 11 - The Bridge (The Bridge)
You man the helicopter M2.50 machine gun, as you attempt to stop the enemy offensive. Planes are to destroy the bridge with bombs, and you must it fired back escort, until you fly to the bridge. But – things go wrong here – the planes do not destroy the bridge, and headquarters tells you to do what you can. Helicopter lands you on the road, along which you can travel until it reaches the bridge. Along the way to the bridge you will kill many Vietnamese, who will try to keep you from destroying this most important bridge. Having safely arrived at the bridge, you will attach C4 explosive to the bridge supports, two on one side and two on the other. Once you finish attaching the C4, it will be time to rezendevous with the pilot of helicopter, at the same place where it landed. You must stay alive to get to the helicopter, since the Vietnamese have arrived with a new, though smaller, force.

MISSION 12 - They Nastupayut (They’re Coming)
After receiving your orders, you leave from the bunker. Turned 180 degrees and run directly and to the left on the trenches. After you reach the end of the shelter, again move to the left. Use the M60 and begin to destroy the advancing enemy, do not let their attack break the defensive perimeter of the base. You will take into account, there are many enemies.

With the approach of night, your position (location) is critical. Shoot a little at the enemy forces, and then, when you are told to fall back, you run to the inside perimeter. After finding your comrades, you take cover near the shelter and begin it fired back from the enemy by explosive charges, thus inflicting on them the greater loss.

At dawn the enemy launches the last decisive offensive. A tank column moves to your base. Foremost tank is stopped at the bridge before the base exit from Nui Pek. You leave from the shelter and move directly on the trench, killing Vietnamese. On the first fork, move to the right. After passing a little forward, turn to the left, and then to the right. You will place C4 under the bridge and rather pull from there. The Vietnamese took a crushing defeat in this battle, so we congratulate you.
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