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View Thread: Tips for dedicated server ? (and various info)
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Tips for dedicated server ? (and various info)
Hi all, i'm a new registered user.
First of all, thanks for your work, and apologize for my bad english Smile

Like i said to admin, recently had an attack of nostalgia for this awesome game, and restarted it: i did not know about closing gamespy, and i found a lot of information on this site, like new server list host.
I'm happy to found out it's not dead, and i would ask some info , the first is like subject says.

I would make a dedicated server, but can't keep my actual computer turned on 24/24 and 7/7, and i know nothing about servers, hosting etc.
Does exist some rentable provider/hosting service that allows to run the game?
The problems are the following in particular:
- i lost years ago the cd/dvd of the game, and use to copy the game folder, backupped and fully working ( only necessary add in shortcut "-addon fistalpha"Wink ,is there a need to have the license of the original game?
-the hosting service should be able to : allow me copy the folder, run the .exe of dedicated server, and obviously forward the ports

Alternately , could you suggest me a mini pc, or others economic low energy consumption solution , for an homemade server?
I cannot find the requirements for dedicated server ( should use less resources , expecially video, then hosting a server graphically and playng in it)
What solution do you think is better and more comfortable/quick ?
Thanks in advance
Edited by SodoMyzer on 09-08-2018 16:34
I am only a rookie server owner and I only organize LANs, so I don't know if any of the following advice will help you.

Now, you could try to speak with some web hosting services (server holders) in your country about if it'd be possible for them to host the servers for you. Maybe they'll accept, maybe not. If they don't, then here's some advice on building a low-cost, low-energy consuming PC:

Get a cheap DDR2 or DDR3 motherboard, DDR2 if you want it to be cheaper, and put only 2 GB of memory on it because you won't be needing too much. Get a cheap processor, even a Pentium Dual Core should suffice. Throw in some 50-100 GB HDD, too.

This way, you should be able to cheaply host servers without too much electricity drain or PC costs.
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Some cheap or old PC ~3,2Ghz or so, Dual Core, Windows, 4GB

Ports to open only UDP 5425 and 15425

dedicated server - using the vcded.exe

VC - check google and FB for find a link for a download.
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Thanks, i'll search for an used , old mini-pc /notebook , it surely will be less problematic, and i'll add asap my serverFAW

Today i saw 2 used reconditioned mini pc

-FOXCONN NT-A3550 with:
AMD Fusion E-350, Dual-Core 1.60 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6310
I should be enough, its costs 57€ , but... better windows 7 or XP ?

-Minix NEO Z64 with
Intel z3735f quad core
2 GB RAM DDR3L-RS 1333
32 GB eMMC
windows 10
for 60€

What is better ? i think the first, it has SSD and more space, and dual core shouldn't heat up like the quad core of second, and there are 2 usb3 ports.
The second has bluetooth, but not usb3...and i buy it surely tomorrow if i can get discount for 50€ ! booze

However, i found an old full port list , but maybe some functionality are dismissed with GameSpy...

TCP-UDP 5425 Vietcong Default port
TCP-UDP 15425 Vietcong Server
TCP 6500 Vietcong Query Port
UDP 6515 Vietcong Oplay UDP
TCP 3783 Vietcong voice chat Port for lan use
UDP 13139 Vietcong Custom UDP Pings
UDP 27900 Vietcong Master Server UDP Heartbeat
TCP 28900 Vietcong Master Server list reguest
TCP 29900 Vietcong GP Connection manager
TCP 29901 Vietcong GP Search manager
Edited by SodoMyzer on 10-08-2018 16:30
Silent Bob
The game is outdated....specs are from 2003

even a modern mobilephone processor could handle it Smile

Just search for something modern with low consuption of electricity if you want to run only a dedicated Server.

i heard that even a portable HDMI stick like the "Intel compute stick" can handle a dedicared VC server
SodoMyzer stick is much more expensive...Wink
I bought the FOXCONN NT-A3550 used on ebay, it should arrive in 1-2 weeks from France (I'm Italian).

The only problem is that I do not have fiber (normal adsl with 32 kb in upload) and some maps are great, when others download , they take a lot of time.
When the server will be ready, could I upload it to the maps section of the site?
Otherwise I could give the mini pc to a friend who has the fiber ....

I would like to make a "fast" server, with coop and also put in the list of maps some CTF and DM and TDM, with maximum 30 minutes of time and 5/10 points for the victory ... sometimes I enter in server with rules of 50 - 100 points and with the few people playing you never get to the end.

Another thing ... I saw that with some unofficial patches of graphic improvement, the anticheat kick me out and I have to disable it(VCStarter and a dll)
But I would like to enable it in the future and I wanted to ask:
does it "get angry" even if there are mods or things like that?
The servers that are currently there, have the anticheat enabled?
I will not want to see people who fly or see and shoot through walls, but if it is necessary to disable it, patience.
it is also true that the few people who are there now play for the sake of playingSlàinte
Edited by SodoMyzer on 12-08-2018 16:52
Yes, most servers use anti-cheat. That means that besides VCStarter, the game has to be 100% vanilla. I'd recommend you use anti-cheat, as I doubt you'd want the 2003 cheat-war happening all over again.

If you have crap internet, you should try to speak to some server-holding companies in your country and see if you can find a deal, as they tend to have good internet.
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What kind of anti-cheat are they using? I see no server if I set filter to show only servers with Hradba enabled...
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-Door Gunner
I'm pretty sure most servers use unofficial VC anticheats (non-Hradba) (correct me if I'm wrong). VC Guard is one of the most prolific IIRC.
Signature"Not bad, some pretty good stuff you've got there..."
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