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View Thread: Vietcong remaster mod
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Vietcong remaster mod
Hi / Ahoj

I am looking for people willing to help with this little project.

I just started working on a complete graphic mod of VC1,
Currently i am upscaling all the textures with AI and malually reworking some of them.
This is going quite OK.
I found a guy willing to rework the weapon models and animations, so i will see how this will go.
Alternatively i can probably import weapon models and animations from VC2.

What wold help a lot is if someone could improve the 3D models of vegetation (add some more polygons to them, give them more branches...), thats the most ugly thing about the game.
Then i wish to create some new objects and add them into the original single player campaign maps.

If you are able to do some of these (3D modelling, editing maps),
or if you have other ideas how to make the game look better and wish to participate, please let me know.

p.s.: I can post first screenshots here in a few days Wink
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Ok so here you can see some improved textures (skybox, characters and some other objects)
Edited by desintegrator on 01-11-2022 00:28
ok guys, some updated before and after shots.
note that this is very much wip
Edited by desintegrator on 02-11-2022 00:47

Interesting work but I was wondering... Could you explain us a little more how your "mod" will be integrated to the game? Will it be a "stand alone" version only? My main concern is about some conflicts and bugs that may appear with the original game and some custom maps (but also for a matter of taste)...
I'll keep an eye on your work for sure! Wink

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Hi, no it won´t be stand alone, so it would work under any language variant.
Currently there are two .cbf files which you just put in your addons folder (two because of the 2GB size limitation of the 32bit file system). Yes, the mod is already much larger than i would like it to be.
In the final pack i want to also include a render mod which i´m using, and probably the latest VCstarter... I will eventually try to contact their authors to ask for permission.
Also there is currently a need to manually force vertical synchronisation in your graphics driver (i will try to find a way for the mod to do it automatically) because of significant image tearing with those large textures. Also i recommend forcing antialiasing, if you want the game to look less like a LEGO.
It´s a really time consumig work. Just upscaling the textures does really not do the job, so i manually rework those most significant, but it pays off hugely.
At first i thought i will just upscale the main folder of generic textures and export them MANUALLY back into the game, which i estimated would take about four weeks of work.
But luckily i found programs which can do that automatically in batch. The four week work can be now done in four minutes, and I am able to do MUCH more to the game than I thought.
But still i have no one to help me, so it goes slowly. Every other day I sit down to my computer, thinking I will give it 3-4 hours, and ending up with going to sleep at 2AM Grin
Edited by desintegrator on 03-11-2022 18:31
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Ok, i think i am now pretty far into this project. i would say about 40% done.
Does anybody want to test?
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