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View Thread: 3d MAX Object not solid
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3d MAX Object not solid
Hi, Got a problem with an object I am working on, after I export the bes file and add it to my map
I can walk through it. I shouldn't be able to.

In the Material Editor I have selected Collision Materials for every texture I added to my object.


If anyone could help that would be sweet.
I will add my Object here to download,
it's just the water tower, but I want it to be solid and can't walk though it.

techno attached the following file:
water_tower1.zip [386.27 kB, 419 Downloads]
Edited by techno on 13-03-2012 18:26
SignatureDon't spend your time lookin' around for something you want that can't be found
Problem with LOD's. Your water container object is with setting "islod=1" but its not linked with anything. So, just remove that setting or use it as LOD must be used.
You also have 2-sided checked, it could be the collision side(s) needs to be flipped to the outside...

and is this for VC1 or VC2?
I ask this because some of the VC2 collisions do not work.

Rick (Chavez_US)
I only play and edit vc1

I will try find islod=1 and delete it, as it is an import I never added it and not sure how to remove it, but i should work it out.

2 sided as I though both sides acted the same, if one side does not then how do i make both sides with the collision?
I want to make another water tower and take the top of the water container as well. hence why collision need to be on both sides.
Edited by techno on 14-03-2012 06:16
it was the islod=1 TY object is good now, still to test the 2 side collision
techno wrote:
2 sided as I though both sides acted the same, if one side does not then how do i make both sides with the collision?

A collision can only be applied on one side of your "plane" (object)... If you want the other side with a collision aswel, you have to create a new plane. Your object should have a certain thickness anyway because it's "impossible" to have a wood or metal collision having the thickness of a sheet of paper...

My advise is to NOT tick the "two sided" box (for the texture) in Max, to avoid "visual bugs"... Tick the box only in very specific cases like for a water surface...
For example, if you create a brick wall and If you give a texture look to the "hidden sides" of the wall, then at a certain distance, the "backside" of the texture will start to be "mixed" with the front side (visible), and so, the visual bug will appear... If the "hidden sides" have no texture (and so invisible), then at the "same distance", the front texture will only be mixed with the...invisible (!) and we won't see the visual bug!!!

Edited by Intruder on 17-04-2012 11:24
  x 1
In the past if i wanted a double sided collision i made a box .2m wide x ?length x ?height. Then deleted the unwanted faces on the sides (leaving the two planes i needed). Then i applied the texture to each remaining polygon face, and uvw mapped those polygon faces accordingly. I never chose the two-sided texturing option as i ran into problems Intruder posted above...the only time i do double sided is for hanging cloth, and water ifl's like Intruder also mentioned...

Rick (Chavez_US)
Edited by Chavez_US on 14-03-2012 18:09
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