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View Thread: Quang_Tri_II
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Rebuilt version of Quang Tri with improved US base and VC bunker.
Modified terrain with improved textures.
Improved AI performance with more aggressive INC. file and hundreds more waypoints.
Modified sound affects.

I like this version a lot better, hope you all feel the same, thanks for trying it out!

Credits to: Original developers of Vietcong
Ando for his scripts
Advise and information from this site, Intruder, and Apfelbaum
3dmax and editor work by Sgt Pepper aka: ront
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Big improvement! Really made it more competitive. Nice job.
SignatureDR. GIGGLEZ

I've just got a quick look of your map in the Discovery mode and I'm already very impressed by the result!
But I would like to know if it's a final version or not because I really believe you could go further... I noticed some bugs easy to fix and the immersion could be increased even more.

Good job! APPLAUSE

Thank you Intruder and Gigg's for your comments, that makes it worth all the work of making maps.

I am willing to work further on the map, its up to the players left if they want to download it again. I thought I had all the bugs worked out, but yes, it is easy to overlook the obvious. I have looked at the maps made by the people from this site, and value the opinion of all of you.

So tell me, what did I miss? what does it need?

I wanted to have the chopper ride in to the map, I also tried the Tour Coop script, but my knowledge of scripts is very limited. I didn't know how to set up all the features of Tour Coop, and the map crashed when the player was near the crashed chopper???? so I went with the usual Coop script.

Also, it would be good to have volunteers to help beta test maps before everyone downloads it, so anyone interested let me know.
Even better would be if one of the script smart guys would take my maps and give them that extra touch.

I can give you suggestions but be prepared to have a lot more work to do! Wink

-Change the name of your modes by using caps letters instead and add some texts to them (you can use those made by pterodon as examples)...
I also advise you to read this post if you want to have a specific "order" in the drop down list.
-Don't use 64 players as default but set the number to the number of "respawning points" you used for the mode. For example, in Coop, if you have 8 players (respawning points), set it to...8! Don't take in count the bots.

-Something is wrong with the texture/shadow on the ground behind the Huey's tail.
-We have some clipping objects when we are back of the base and looking towards the jungle; and some more "here and there".
-The Huey needs to have his "lods" increased (by selecting the subobjects and increasing their lods value).
-The base is, in my opinion, too "neat and clean"... I miss some barrels, sandbags, woodplanks and so on "here and there", to increase the "dirty look"...
-By the way you constructed the huts, you can also add a lot more objects inside to add "life", and use "dummies" to clip them and still have decent fps when we are out of the huts.
-Around the base, we have "a wall plants texture" but I advise you to add "bushes", at least each time we see a "flat angle", to add volume and increase the immersion. You can also place some trees behind the add "deepness" to your scene.
-You haven't used soundswitches in the huts but I really advise you to add them. In that case, don't forget to place your respawning points also inside soundswitches to directly have "the right sound".
-We have a plant along the road (I don't know its name) that needs to have its lods increased, to avoid that the lighting change at a distance...
-You closed the road with an invisible wall but I advise all mappers to never do that... Instead, use "a fallen tree" on the road or something like that to visualy close the path before the invisible wall. In general, if we see a "clear passage", we should be able to go "there", if not, it helps the brain to understand we have to take another direction...

I'll end here for the moment but I'm sure you can go even further...

Good luck and good work! Wink

Edited by Intruder on 21-12-2014 23:09
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