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View Thread: Editor problem
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Editor problem
Hello All, I recently added a new hard drive to my computer. I am having a problem with the editor now.
I wanted to make some changes to a map a had made. Save, finalize map, test in editor game mode and the changes are there, exit and go to the game and I am back to the original version??
Also, try to do a collect on a map and it goes through the steps, but when I go to the collect folder there isn't anything there.
It is acting like the editor is not communicating with the game? I have tried reinstalling the editor with the same results.
ANY ideas what is wrong? thanks for any help

I have tried removing original map from map folder. editor does not create new map
I have tried removing level files from script folder
I have tried using 1.61 editor and dev editor
I have searched the Vietcong folder to see if files were in wrong place
Edited by SGT PEPPER on 02-04-2015 03:15
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Hello There. I do not know if you've not moved the game directory to the new disk.
The problem is probably in the registry. I do not understand registry so much but try to re-install the game and then editor.
I don't think it's the registry. The only relevant value should be "InstallDir" but it was often not set for me and the editor still worked fine.

If you want, I can have a look via teamviewer Wink
I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and editor with the same results.
I did find that if I run the editor as administrator it works, except I can not get the fauna to work in game. Fauna works in editor, and if I use editor to start a server, but if I use the game, fauna is gone?
At least I am able to make a map again!
Thanks GONZO and BRCHI
Ohh, missing admin rights are really a common issue..

What kind of fauna doesn't work?
Also check this post.
I had already read and tried Intruder's fix, did not help.
I even deleted all fauna and tried just one with butterflies, still same results, works with editor and if I start map with editor, but gone if I use game to start map.
I was using butterfly, dragonfly, and rat.
I am using windows 7 and problems started after installing new hard drive. I have made other maps with fauna, butterfly always worked before.
bad version found major mistake link removed
Edited by SGT PEPPER on 06-04-2015 06:34
I did find that if I run the editor as administrator it works, except I can not get the fauna to work in game. Fauna works in editor, and if I use editor to start a server, but if I use the game, fauna is gone?

Unfortunately, it's a very old bug "we" never found a fix working at 100%...
I remember to have got that bug with XP, even if it was working before and suddenly, it started to not work anymore! I tried many times and made many tests but without success so far...

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