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View Thread: VC Installation Win10
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VC Installation Win10
Hey Folks!

I hope to get here a concrete Installation Guide for Vietcong on a Win10 System.
Is there anyone who wants to write a complete one here with links for the tools i need and detailed Informations
about settings??

=TT= Willis*B

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Hi, I could try to help you with concrete problems.
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use vc starter ? but i still use win xp so , lol .
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TC-Roland Deschain
Hello guys. Been a long time. Trying to install again on new laptop with Windows 10, and I am having some difficulties.

VC + FA + V1.6 patch + V1.6 No-cd =

I can play single player with no issues (yet) but I am unable to host a map (not dedicated server) on Multiplayer - Internet, with the message after a while "Connection Timeout". This was never an issue with my work laptop (Win 7).

VC + FA + V1.6 patch + V1.6 No-cd + VC Starter V1.51 =

Unable to select "Fit textures in Video memory" resulting in very poor FPS.

VC + FA + V1.6 patch + V1.6 No-cd + VC Starter V1.65.1 =

Corrected issue above (video memory) but when trying to host (non-dedicated) a map, as above, there is no progress on the map loading progress bar, and a "connection time-out" message.

I have seen other things regarding host files etc on the forums, but Windows 10 won't let me modify the host file.

Is there something I'm missing? My gut feeling is maybe firewall, but I am no expert so any help would be appreciated.

EDIT - Messing with firewall cured issues with hosting and loading map, however, I can only use "Fit textures in System Memory" as if I use Video memory, I get a message Direct 3D 9 error - Update texture. With system memory, FPS is crap!!!

Any ideas? Laptop has AMD Radeon R5 graphics card.

EDIT - I have removed VC Starter V1.65.1 and now just have the V1.6 No-CD. Seems to work ok, but can't see any servers.

Any help?

EDIT - Thanks to a post by Brchi, I dropped the V1.65.1 files in the installation folder, then added the V1.7beta Dll file, and it now works amazing with outstanding FPS with all graphic options maxed out!!!!

[b]I still would like advice on how to be able to see other VC servers. I am unable to modify the host file on Win 10.

still would like advice on how I can see other VC servers please.[/u][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b

EDIT - Followed FAQ I found. Opened Notepad as admin, put link in Hosts file. Now ok. However I tried to join a server but game crashed. I wonder if it was because it is now showing version as VC Starter V1.7Beta, and not V1.6 as the other servers show?
Edited by TC-Roland Deschain on 09-01-2017 01:30
I am using VC Starter V1.7Beta too - without a crash. Which and how many serveres did you try to join? Can you still play single player with 1.7Beta?
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TC-Roland Deschain
This must have been a one-off. It was the only server with players on.
I tried joining other ones with no issues.
On graphics card settings I maxed everything out. 12X Anti aliasing etc. Turned all graphics up in the game settings. At least 45 FPS !!! VC never looked so good.
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