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View Thread: Ambient sound for the entire map?
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Ambient sound for the entire map?
Can anyone tell me or link to something explaining how to use an ambient sound on the whole map? No event but ever present sound?
Silent Bob
sound.c from SDK

Download source  Code


#include <inc\sc_global.h>

int ScriptMain(s_SC_SOUND_info *info){



   SC_SND_SetHearableRatio(0.95f);      //set hearable ratio
   SC_SND_Ambient_Play(1005);      //play some ambient


   }// switch(info->message)

    return 1;

}// int ScriptMain(s_SC_SOUND_info *info)

the bold number refers to x_sounds_160.txt
in the xsound file the sound 1005 is defined under the heading "group_switch". does it mean something?
Edited by apfelbaum on 01-12-2011 18:03
Use the sound(s) ID from the "3d ambient sounds" list only... The map's name in which they have been used are in that list either.
And don't forget to add soundswitches in your map if you use an ambient sound! Wink

Edited by Intruder on 01-12-2011 18:46
Thanks guys, will try it. Is the list or txt file inside the SDK?
Have a look here... Wink

Thanks! Much appreciated. APPLAUSE

One observation now is when I F8 the scene in the editor the sound is there. As soon as I press F9 the sound seems to be either gone or very faint? Tried finalizing and almost same there: At start screen the sound is loud and after choosing class and weapon it's faint again (didn't check it properly yet).

Just a wild guess... is the SetHearableRatio value a kind of volume? Or a ratio between event and ambient sound thing?
It's probably because you already have a soundswitch "somewhere" on your map that enters into "action"! lol
The soundswitch is set to a lower percentage, like 50% I guess? It's what should happen if you respawn inside of a hut for example!
Two possibilities... Or your soundswitch is acting on the whole ambient sound level (the whole map); or a soundswitch is close your respawning points and acts on them....

Curandero, I insist on my "notes" in my "how to", to understand your problem! Wink

Intruder wrote:

- Don't forget to add soundswitches to your map if you use an ambient sound!
- You can test the result of an ambient sound + soundswitches in my VC_Storm_II map, "in and out" (use the Discovery mode!)...

If it's still not working, go "disable" your "default" sound.c file in the "dev folder" (...Vietcong\dev\compiler\default) by renaming it, like sound_original.c

Edited by Intruder on 02-12-2011 21:03
I Don't have any soundswitches in yet. Also I made the original sound.c identical to my project-sound.c. No change. Maybe it's my audio-options but then again I hear it loud on start screen while faint when spawned. Will soon test further.
Try adding at least one soundswitch somewhere..
Copy that. Will do so. Reporting back when attending to it again. Still in the process of populating scene with masses of vegetation. VC
Curandero wrote:

I Don't have any soundswitches in yet... No change... but then again I hear it loud on start screen while faint when spawned...

Hmmm... It should work however...
Try this (like Kermit wrote); put a soundwitch at around 15-20 meters "high", in the middle of your map (1 should be enough) or "better", at your respawning points area and set it with:

Inner obstruction:0.00 (not working)
Inner oclusion:0.00 (not working)
EAX id:0 (better to leave it at zero)
Env.sound volume:100.00
Uncheck Wet floor and Interior boxes

Inner obstruction:0.00 (not working)
Inner oclusion:0.00 (not working)
EAX id:0 (better to leave it at zero)
Env.sound volume:100.00
Uncheck Wet floor and Interior boxes

Eax radius:1.00

(Un)check Entire sphere interpolation box (test with both)

IF it's still not working correctly, "place" all your respawning points "inside" the same soundwitch (move it to the ground level and set the Eax radius wide enough), OR place each respawning point inside a soundwitch (with the same settings above); it will depedning of your map "configuration"...

Edited by Intruder on 03-12-2011 21:14
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