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View Thread: Server Ping Kick
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Server Ping Kick
Aussie Dave
Why in this day and age, you would have "ping auto kick" enabled on a server?

Tried joining "Vietcong1.cz#1" only to get high ping kick.

My son and I would like to play as-well, please.


Where do you live, my ping is at CZ servers also quite high also, as with other players.
Unfortunately, living in the USA and also closer to the server, have a higher ping.
Tells you your ping, how high he was ??
Possibly can set the Highping kick a little higher, unfortunately not all too much, then the server becomes laggy.
But nice that you still interested Vietcong, we are testing.

Kan geruh
SignatureHuepf Huepf s14.directupload.net/images/140318/temp/cr9g6zvb.jpg

Sorry,for my Bad Inglisch VC

Say Nix is ​​sometimes more, but it brudelt in a then high, so also nothing.
Hi Dave

Did you have always so high ping or it was changed in last months? I know that there were some changes in network configuration between EU and USA so maybe Australia is also affected. Can you make tracert to my server IP and send me the output? I will check with my internet provider.

Maybe OndraG has also some new info, we tried to solve this issue several days ago.


2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Unfortunately still no reply from UPC... I'll have to remind them. Smile But according to the screenshot posted, it seems Aussie Dave's connection is really bad, average ping being 400. My ping to servers in the CenTrio network is about 220, with packets being unreasonably routed through US (so the trace is CZ -> US -> CZ).

Aussie, you can post a traceroute to some VC server. For example run in the command line (cmd.exe) "tracert" and copy the result here.

Unfortunately, if your ping is to stay at the 400 level, you can't really play VC, not even Coop, you would shoot at an enemy at close range and you could have a chat with him before he gets hit. Smile Well... he'd have killed you before.
switch of your W-Lan and play with RJ45 Network cable, that´s the reason for high ping, then your ping must be about
90-140 ms (playable), depend on your connection and hardware. On US/Australian servers you will have maybe a better ping. 10 years ago I played with DSL 1000 on US servers with ping 90-140 ms. You actually have on all servers ping 400 or more (screenshot). It´s autokick from Server, one shot and you will die 3 seconds later (lag) that´s why autokick from server (configuration).
Edited by sniperspider on 04-10-2014 00:47
Aussie Dave
I'm in Australia, I know i have a high ping, i also remember the days of playing VC on dial up lol.
I have no problems playing on the Black Pajamas server, it can get laggy for me but its ok.
You can read about me in your Vietcong\hradba\HradBa-readme.txt.

Ping shouldn't matter anymore with stuff all people playing this great game, when i ran servers for a ISP company we didn't worry about ping kick settings, we left it up to the Admins to manage it as it has to do with the amount of people on the server, the more people lower the ping limit kick for Admins would be used, as the netcode of the game is quite good for its time until to many people are in the server with high pings.

So the only server i can play on then is Headhunters?
Mite as well hang up my winchester 70 and throw the game in the bin?

Also i'm playing on a laptop.

Tracing route to mail.mycong.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
2 29 ms 30 ms 61 ms []

3 31 ms 32 ms 30 ms be2-v417.bsr02.melbpri.vic.m2core.net.au [123.2.
4 30 ms 31 ms 30 ms Bundle-Ether18.lon77.melbourne.telstra.net [139.
5 32 ms 64 ms 32 ms bundle-ether11.exi-core1.melbourne.telstra.net []
6 47 ms 46 ms 45 ms bundle-ether12.chw-core10.sydney.telstra.net [20]
7 48 ms 47 ms 46 ms Bundle-ether17.oxf-gw2.sydney.telstra.net [203.5
8 50 ms 45 ms 47 ms bundle-ether1.sydo-core01.sydney.reach.com [203.
9 194 ms 195 ms 194 ms i-0-4-0-4.paix-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net [202.
10 203 ms 202 ms 203 ms i-0-1-0-2.eqnx-core01.bi.telstraglobal.net [202.
11 204 ms 201 ms 202 ms i-0-4-0-1.eqnx03.bi.telstraglobal.net [202.84.25
12 202 ms 201 ms 202 ms l3-peer.eqnx03.pr.telstraglobal.net [134.159.61.
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 * * * Request timed out.
15 * * * Request timed out.
16 * * * Request timed out.
17 * * * Request timed out.
18 * * * Request timed out.
19 * * * Request timed out.
20 * * * Request timed out.
21 * * * Request timed out.
22 420 ms 348 ms 349 ms ae-2-70.edge7.Frankfurt1.Level3.net [
23 357 ms 356 ms 357 ms
24 357 ms 360 ms 379 ms core11.hetzner.de []
25 361 ms 362 ms 365 ms core21.hetzner.de []
26 359 ms 359 ms 358 ms juniper1.rz20.hetzner.de []
27 361 ms 362 ms 361 ms hos-tr5.ex3k7.rz20.hetzner.de []

28 363 ms 359 ms 362 ms mail.mycong.net []

Trace complete.

Edited by Aussie Dave on 04-10-2014 14:27
Aussie Dave
Just played a couple hours on Black Pajamas with a ping 380 - 390 and it was fine.
I remember dial up internet with ping 150-200 but cannot imagine how it can be with 380, it must be laggy :-(

2LT William Theolinus "KostiCZ" Boner Jr.
LRRP Squad Baker, Delta Team
Aussie Dave
not to bad, hard to kill someone and get killed heaps lol.
Thanks for the trace route, Aussie. Well, those middle hops appear to be located in East Asia. According to some old (2009) forums I googled, it seems the route used to be led through North America. So neither is probably a lucky situation. Can't you move to a provider with better (closer or even direct?) connection to Europe? But I'm not sure if that's possible.
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