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View Thread: VCStarter v1.6: Graphical improvements
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VCStarter v1.6: Graphical improvements
VCS 1.65.1 its work. W7 64bit.
SignatureПока у Русского солдата есть спички, пули, самогон - сосите х.. солдаты НАТО, дрожи от страха Пентагон!!!
reporting issue, need confirm:

# after making screenshot in game with F2 key, it makes image of black screen or screen of vietcong multiplayer menu -server list

(win 8.1 64b, intel hd graphics)
@xhc: Issue confirmed. Try unchecking "Fix menu flickering" in VCStarterConfig.exe, cause from my testing disabling this option should solve the issue.
@Nosek yes it works as a workaround, thnx for quick reply
its amazing you still working on that old game.

I tried your new VC-Starter 1.65.1 and it seems to work OK on my Win7 64bit (using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 355.82, Intel CPU).

There is one big issue though:
The characters have weird dynamic shadows. Seems they are not calculated correctly.
I tried disable all your fixes in the VCStarterConfig except the "Use DX9 option", still the same.
So I guess its an DirectX9 related issue...


edit: btw when using VCStarter the game crashes on startup when i choose option "Fit textures in video memory"; Without VCStarter both options video & system memory are working ... hope that helps

Any ideas?

Edited by Vicinski on 01-09-2015 16:56
  x 1

VCStarter 1.65.1 Work Win7 Perfect
VCStarter 1.65.1 Work WinXP Perfect and little better Perfomance

Special Tipp:

When have on Server *Time-Out* or/and *Cheats# 21/22* make into VCStarterconfig *Limit FPS Fix* checkmark !!!!
Have No Problems more!!

THX Brchi !!

SignatureHuepf Huepf

Sorry,for my Bad Inglisch VC

Say Nix is ​​sometimes more, but it brudelt in a then high, so also nothing.
Kangeruh wrote:
When have on Server *Time-Out* or/and *Cheats# 21/22* make into VCStarterconfig *Limit FPS Fix* checkmark !!!!
Have No Problems more!!

I can not confirm this, because I have always checked FPS Limit

I had Cheats#21,22 because some custom map had modificated skin and this skin was still loaded in memory, when I came to another server (solution was: deleted custom map)

Time-out server message shows problems of connection (high ping autokick in vcguard for example, or some network admin disconnected him or week internet provider)

Edited by xhc on 02-09-2015 20:42
Okay, so the remaining issues are:

- Ingame addon switch still not working on some machines
- Screenshots not working properly
- Characters appear too dark on some machines

Could you try with VCStarter v1.5.1? You can find it in the Downloads section here.
I have no idea at the moment why this happens.
Is it in multiplayer too?

Oh and "Fit textures in video memory" never worked properly.
yep having the same issue with version 1.5.1 of VCStarter. In multiplayer it is the same, but its not as obvious as on some singleplayer missions. The problem seems to be especially visible under certain lightning conditions (e.g. Halong tunnel system).
So, can anyone confirm this issue (maybe check Nui Pek mission...) or am i the only unlucky devil?

Btw VCStarter 1.4.1 is working perfectly (guess its using DirectX8 ?). What exactly did you do to get rid of the Z-fighting issue, is it only fixable by switching to DirectX9 or is it possible to do this for DirectX8 too? Thats the only thing im missing when using version 1.4.1 of VCStarter...

Anyways, great work so far - keep it up !

@Vicinski - yes I confirm that:

hd intel graphics, windows 8.1 64bit

1 - no vcstarter
2 - no vcstarter
3 - vcstarter 1.4.1
4 - vcstarter 1.5.1
5 - vcstarter 1.65.1
xhc attached the following images:

[258.99 kB]

[245.65 kB]

[260.15 kB]

[255.43 kB]

[258.42 kB]

Edited by xhc on 03-09-2015 14:26
BUT some graphical issue in vcstarter 1.4.1, see these "lines", there are everywhere in HalongPort map, but I can not see in other maps (checked other 3 maps with buildings and reefs):

intel hd graphics, windows 8.1 64bit

1-no vcstarter
2-vcstarter 1.4.1
3-vcstarter 1.5.1
4-vcstarter 1.65.1
xhc attached the following images:

[243.23 kB]

[226.99 kB]

[264.24 kB]

[252.06 kB]

Edited by xhc on 03-09-2015 14:29
Those lines are caused due to some compatibility issue with Intel HD and DX 8.1. Before VCS 1.5 I had this problem too. (with Intel HD only of course)
To the problem with characters - I've always though that this was driver related and not DX9 related. I experience this issue on my both nVidia GPUs and Intel HD.
Edited by Nosek on 03-09-2015 15:33
IN Widows 10 64-bit AMD Rradeon Hd I have a beautiful texture and works in Direct 8 play with vcstarter 1.65.1, no problem use antialiasing 12x Smile
VCstarter 1.65.1 working. Using it on Windows 8.1 pro.
SignatureHelped figuring out Hook errors :
marty6 wrote:
I firmly believe that selecting a compatibility mode for either exe file will cause this error and also loose your player's name ontop of that. I checked the registry file for Pterodon to confirm my what I had suspected. Either the name had not changed, but did in the programs or it had changed with only having the first letter of the player's name."
Hi there,

Just reporting that VCstarter 1.65.1 caused issues for me. In-game FPS dropped to only 30fps and the game became very jumpy and impossible to play.

I have reverted back to VCstarter 1.5.1 and everything is working fine.

I am on a Win7 laptop without a dedicated video card.

@ ShootaMcGavin: I'd say the MSAA option is the cause of the performance drop. Uncheck Multisample Anti-Aliasing and see if that helps.
Also checking "Fix menu flickering" is not needed provided that you don't actually experience the menu flickering issue.
Edited by Nosek on 07-09-2015 12:38
Vicinski wrote:
What exactly did you do to get rid of the Z-fighting issue, is it only fixable by switching to DirectX9 or is it possible to do this for DirectX8 too?

It's basically a switch when creating the Direct3D device. Would work for D3D 8 too, yes. If you're familiar with memory patching a bit, I could tell you what to patch while in "Ptero-Engine-II Setup" window (with AutoIt for example).
Modifying the vietcong.exe wouldn't work because VCStarter 1.4.. checks for integrity.

Nosek wrote:
I experience this issue on my both nVidia GPUs and Intel HD.

Also without VCStarter?
Brchi wrote:Also without VCStarter?

Nope. Same as xhc reported.
Confused Master
muchas gracias for this update. i see you have also included that one can set a free value for the fps-limit. its such a great work
fitting textures in video memory using vcstarter 1.65.1 gives me an errormessage starting vietcong and crashes:

textures in system memory works.

Windows 7 64bit pro, Radeon HD 5770 (latest driver)
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